TA PTI course 2014

I'm a musician with an outside chance of reaching the entry standards for the PTI course but have two questions before I decide to bust a gut for a 10:30 PFA (I'm wayyyy over 21 and female)
  1. Having passed the PFA and the CFT at the start of the course can you fail later on at subsequent phys tests?
  2. does anyone know if there is a course in the summer hols as I'm a teacher - have dates been released yet?
If I remember correctly there is only one other phys test you have to pass,your swimming test and if you fail that you should be held under water untill you stop breathing.Written test at the end of the course has to be passed obviously.If you are a unfit knacker during the lessons,fail.Shit attitude,fail.We had one lad,fit as a butchers dog however he fell to pieces if he had to stand in front of a class of people during a PT lesson,was kept on the course untill the final afternoon,passed everything but just didn't have the umph required,failed and sent on his way.Started to cry back in the block,should have been failed for that alone! Ring the School of Physical Training booking clerk she will give you dates.
before I decide to bust a gut for a 10:30 PFA (I'm wayyyy over 21 and female)
Maybe being a PTI isn't for you. As a PTI you should be the best at your unit. If I was to see a PTI that was being passed on a run by their guys I think I would have a gentle word with them.

Get onto armynet and look at the RAPTC page. All the course dates are on PAM16. Or ask you PSI.
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