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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ben_surfsup, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Evening all!

    Out of interest, has anyone recently done the PTI Basic at P'bright?

    I've seen the other threads on here, and just wondered if anyone recently had been.

    , the Mong question - is it taught by the PTI cap-badged DS? or just any PTI's.

    Secondly, how much of a fuckabout is it? I'll really be fighting with work to get a third 2 week period off this year, which i can get, and seriously want the qual and work my way into that side of things, love phys and the buzz from it. but if it's anything like I've experienced as a SUT. I don't fancy the hassle involved to just be fucked about for the sake of it. in peoples opinion, do the DS actually want you to learn, and pass the course (I'm guessing like all courses, you can't just pass the phys tests and stay there, you have to actually show you can take lessons, fill the paperwork etc) or are they just looking for stabs to beast the **** out of?

    Cheers me dears, in advance.

  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    My course was many years ago (at Fox lines).. but I would fully expect it to follow the same format.

    I'd say it was the most professional course I've done and while physically demanding there was no being mucked about for the sake of it. Instructors (all RAPT Corps badged) were excellent.
    So.. do it!
  3. I did it last year and it was the best course I've done. The DS were RAPTC and there was no fuckabout with it. Of course you do have to be fit to do it (had some binned off my course for failing the PFA) but the main part of the course is ensuring you can deliver a good, safe lesson. Didn't realise there was so much paperwork involved in being a PTI but you'll soon get the hang of it. If you've never had to write up a risk assessment before have a word with another PTI and see if you can have a look at his lesson plans to get an idea first.
  4. Cheers guys!

    Fitness wise I'm not too bad, 9,15run - 60pu's - 70su's ish on my most recent PFA (perhaps not perfect form on the sit and press ups though), and do a lot of running, so will hit the gym quite hard ASAP and ensure I'm physically robust to cope with several circuit sessions a day for 2 weeks! - sounds like cardio alone will not put me through.

    I must admit, the more I hear the better it sounds, looking forward to getting my paperwork in ASAP! and that's a good idea, I might see if I can get up RTC and observe some lessons too.
  5. Make sure that your technique on the sit ups and press ups is perfect. As a PTI you'll be expected to demonstrate perfect form to your guys after you pass. Don't overdo it on the prep though. Keep up what you are doing and you'll be fine. Do some loaded march training as well and you'll be fine. Oh, and some swimming as you'll have to do the MST.
  6. Best course I've ever done. Well worth getting the time off for.
  7. Perfect thanks! Hopefully I'll get on it!

    Cheers everyone for your input.
  8. Have the DS learned the difference between six and seven ( laps) yet?
  9. Elaborate?
  10. PFA for Stabs on a recent basic PTI course; takes six laps of the track to make the mile and a half, but a Screw miscounted.

  11. If you're fit enough you should still be able to complete 7 laps in the time allowed.
  12. Not really what I was on about, but thank you for stating something so obvious I didn't feel the need.