TA PTI Basic course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jock1471, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Can a TA PTI who has completed the Basic PTI course take potential recruits on the jerry can lift and risk reduction 1.5 mile run?
  2. It's one of lifes eternal conunundrams I'm afraid, dont mean your question, but how can someone who is pretending to be a soldier then pretend to be a pti? Confusing.

    All TA pti's Ive met look like they have been wrestling in a paddling pool full of glass with a tag team of HIV positive chimps.

  3. Nice to see not only a constructive, but also positive answer Juan_Ramirez III!
  4. Have these recruits been attested yet?

    If not there are insurance issues involved. Your PTI has the competence to do it but may not legally be allowed.
  5. Are you being a rampant homosexual because you want to carry out said acts or a quivering daisy because someone made you do them?
  6. I've done a buckshee ETL course, which means I'm fully qualified to become a TA APTC QMSI. Give me a bell and I'll come up and do it for petrol money and a slack handfull of haverbag sausage rolls.
  7. YES,as from April 2011 NO
  8. Not according to our QMSI they can't, they need to have done the intermediate course.