TA PTI (B) - T-shirts?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fletcher69, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Wel first of all, i have just joined so hi to all!

    Ok onto the post now...
    I have recently passed my PTI (B) course, which was a excellent course btw, but i am not the type of person to wear the vest 24/7, so want a couple of tshirts with just the crossed swords on, not the crown. Any body have any ideas where i can get these from? I did my course at ASPT but the PRI was shut on the day of my pass off.

    Also, if anybody is doing the course and wants any info, just ask.


  2. Try fleabay if you can pull yourself away from the mirror!! :lol:
  3. Or work on your arms so you feel more comfortable wearing the vest 24/7....
  4. Or get your own made, with your unit inscripted beneath the crossed swords. Initial set up costs might be high, but any runs after that will be cheap.
  5. i wouldnt want to wear those vests either.you can get t-shirts printed from £8-£10 each.
  6. You are getting ripped off £8-£10 is way too expensive, we get them here for £4.50 each.
  7. Or 6ft wide mirrors.....
  8. Just how many PFT's did you have to do?