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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. As above, are they run centralised for the whole TA or are they a regional thing?

    The only reason I ask is that two of my mates have done it over the last 18 months. One at aldershot and one in wales somewhere. Seemed odd to me as I thought all PTI training was done at the shot? Also looking to get on it at some point and not being able to get on armynet at the moment can't look up dates for 2011 courses (so I can provisionally book holiday). Any help?

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  2. You complete a potential PTI assessment at your RTC then the PTI (B) course at the Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot.

    Dates for 2011 are:

    11-Jul-11 to 22-Jul-11
    25-Jul-11 to 05-Aug-11
    08-Aug-11 to 19-Aug-11
    05-Sep-11 to 16-Sep-11
    12-Mar-12 to 23-Mar-12
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  3. Cheers mate.
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  4. JD150,
    don't suppose you know the dates for the courses being run at waterbeach ?
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  5. Sorry mate. No idea, I only have those for Aldershot.
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  6. When you've done the 3 pre course weekends how long do you have to do the course?

    Our training year calendar comes out in April, several months after I need to get the dates in to work to get the time off.
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  7. What's the time scale for loading on said course. As in how far before do they start loading guys on them?
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  8. Bid by dates for the courses above are:


    The bids should be placed by your Bde SMI once you have completed the potential PTI assessments.

    Supermark I think you may be confused, there aren't three pre-course weekends for the Basic course (just one potential PTI weekend). There are three pre-course weekends for both the Intermediate and Advanced courses and as far as I know they do not time expire.
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  9. I'll be lucky then. My psi is adamant the September one isn't being loaded yet.
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  10. Ok, cheers.
  11. Anyone know when the dates for the 2012 year will be released (or when they are) ?
  12. They are usually released at the back end of January, put 'ASPT' into the search on armynet and you should find the courses calendar.