Ta pti(b) course

Be prepared for lots of health and safety! Great course. Make sure you are fit as you will be tested on the PFA on day one and you do not want to fail! Swim test and AFT will also be on week one. Take lots of spare PT kit and a folder for all the handouts. PAYD so you will need cash for that too. Really good course, probably the best one I've been on. If you've done DITS then you will be familiar with the lesson plan format. You will have to plan and teach your own lesson. As everyone has to do this be prepared for 5 phys sessions a day. It's hard work but achieveable.
Sounds good. Done dits already and just doing my ETL now so bit of an insight into all. Are the instructors generally picky about issue phys kit? Or just black shorts with unit t
As long as your kit isn't covered in logos you'll be ok. Might be an idea to bring 2 pairs of trainers, indoor and outdoor. Bring lots of spare kit as you'll be doing lots of phys.
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