Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cheese, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have the rough dates/ months for the TA PTC this year please?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Ask your PSI
  3. 14000 posts of which 13000 say
  4. msr

    msr LE

    It's the PSI's job and this is a rumour service...

    I can see the conversation:

    Boss "Why did you book those two weeks off work?"

    Cheese "Some random person on a website told me to."

    Boss "So now you want to change your holidays?"

    Cheese "Er..."
  5. duh, i know
    was just pointing it out
  6. I'm UOTC, and heard people have been on it, so wanted to knwo the rough dates to know if they work with the soap dodging acadmic calendar ;)
  7. Well, that mean's you've got 3 PSI's and an RSM. Go go go
  8. yep, fair enough!
  9. no need for UOTC subbies to go on it, difficult enough for us Inf types to get places, why do you want on it anyway?
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    There were 2 x UOTC subbies on my one.

    Memorable quote:

    DS: Are there any UOTC guys here?
    Bods: Yes?
    DS: So why are you here?
    Bods: Experience, take stuff back to the otc etc....
    DS: Are you sure it's not so you can big time it at the bar "Oh you've done Brecon? That makes you practically a ninja doesn't it..."
  11. There was an OTC type on mine, but he was going reg in a few months. Who knows if it was for bragging rights as said before, but it kept him busy and paid for another 2 weeks of waiting and perhaps the experience will help him along.

    There again surely he would get all the Brecon he wanted at reg PCD.

    In any case, I'm sure there would be spare slots on a course anyway.
  12. sorry for my ignorance whats PTC?
  13. Apologies for the late reply but its the Platoon Tactics Course at the Infantry Battle School. Think PCD, Senior and Junior Brecon (Pl Comds, Pl Sgts and Sect Comds Battle Courses in Regular money I think) all lumped in together for TA Infantry. A good course.

  14. Got to ask this, take it your TA CSM cannot read or not up to the job ???
    its HIS JOB NOT THE PSI !!! he should give the PSI the courses bids and then follow on the confim notice....the PSI is there to mentor the TA command of a Coy/Sqn not to run it for you....
  15. has anyone got the dates for PCT?

    trying to plan my summer, and I don't currently have an SPSI before anyone asks!