TA Promotions?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wiggy1520, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Does any body under stand TA Promotions boards, do they sit inline with Regular Army Boards? What are the Dates?
  2. Promotion? It's just a carrot on the end of a stick, only when the become bored of the game do they forget to hold the stick up and let you get a bite!
  3. try this one, how can someone who has been medicly down graded and has a paper pass for a bounty every year qualify for promotion,
    no joke it happend recently
  4. Cutn'pasted from a PowerPoint slide, cos I'm lazy

    Power to appoint up to WO1 vested in CO on behalf of MS
    Conditional on approval by Col TA & Res MCM Div
    Boards held at least annually
    President (CO), members (Maj ideally) & secretary (Adjt)
    Consider CRs only (plus course reports?)
    No discussion
    Marking 1-10
    Minimum average score of 5 per Board member required
    No more than 2 marks between scores (remark)
    highest scorer promoted first (subject to geography/circumstances etc)
  6. Reg army downgraded soldiers still get the courses and promotions. They are supposed to be restricted as to operational duties but that is sometimes ignored due to commitments and manpower availability.

    Why should it be any different for the TA - after all, its One Army now :lol:
  7. I tought it was the tossers that never do a shift that got made up while the rest of us are in Sandpits working....thats the way it seems to me :(
  8. TA soldiers are deployed with the same medical standards as the regular Army at the discretion of the employing operational unit ie down to P3 LE
  9. It is all laid down in TA Practice and Precedence which is a meaty document held by your unit. In essence boards are conducted internally and made up depending on who is being looked at for promotion ie what rank. They must be properly conducted and all results should be signed and kept for audit purposes.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Do you mean TA Regs or are you referring to a JSP here?

  11. TA P&P is a stand-alone doc which gives the guidelines and conditions for the conduct of promotion/selection boards and the qualifications required for promotion. It is issued annually.
  12. And how often is this followed?...a single OC can bypass the system before the paperwork goes up the chain from Company level.
    Even with the guidelines in place in is not often followed and steps are overlooked.....This is not a Moan for my sake...not got a problem there...but i have seen it in other cases :(
  13. CO can promote up to Capt (Maj really but this requires the nod from HA).

    Discussion is allowed as this is how 2 point discrepancies are resolved.

    Can be 4 or 5 man board with the quality line (QL) adjusted depending on which it is. 5 points is 'up-to-the-standard' thus for a 4 man board the QL =20 points and 5 man board = 25pts. As a minimum you need to reach these QLs to be eligible for promotion.
  14. Sub-Units run boards for promotion up to Cpl but any authority for promotion must be signed-off by the CO or their RHQ rep.

    All SNCO, WO and Offr boards should be conducted at unit level and chaired by (ideally) the CO.

    Clearly an OC could prevent a worthy soldier getting his foot on the ladder by not recommending him at sub-unit level but then he would be a c0ck and not fit-for-role.