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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by timpegasus, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know how to redress the above after not been picked up and been career fouled?

    Any advice please, seems I did nt get picked up from board where as someone else did over me who has only ever done one course did and I met all the criteria.
  2. From experience having received a couple of supercession letters I would advise as follows;

    No 1 TA is a vocation / hobby not a career so if you enjoy - stay , if not move on. Note that I had more fun before my majority than after. Promotion brings responsibility.
    No 2 It would not hurt to have a word with whoever does the MS for your unit. If you approach in a friendly way, you may get your tea-leaves read.
    No. 3 If you've had a run in with a regular, tuck your head in and wait till they have left. One almost sacked me, but two down the line was a fan and promoted me.
    No. 4 Be a bit introspective - think over your confidentials etc. Sometimes units have to play the age limits and supersede a younger officer so an older one can be promoted to keep them even though less senior. If that is the case they won't admit it but may give you a hint.
  3. How were you career fouled?
  4. Yes, Yes, but was it his turn next ;)
  5. Not been put on JPA when it moved over from unicom so unit not had my last 3 year reports,they have them now all got the 4 P s and so have mid years.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    So you have not had a CR for 3 years and now you start whinging?

  7. Yeah, but on day time tele, there was this advert for a no-win, no fee solicitor and I need some money.
  8. No not at all actually my parent unit has not had them and has not sat me on any boards until now through their fault not mine ie not putting me on JPA so they could nt access them from my regular unit even though they had been sent copies of them each year.

    Therefore I feel rightly aggrieved having been career fouled by this and again if I dont pick this time.
    Not sure where you got the whinging bit from I was merely asking for advice so unless you ve got any........................!
  9. If you have been career fouled, the CO is obliged to advise you and theoretically give you a valid reason why you should not make a formal complaint.
    Ask for an interview with him /her would be the next stage I suspect, If he doesn't put it in writing believe nothing.
  10. Additionally If you are on FTRS as you state both regular & TA units, promotions are almost non-existent
  11. I am and they do exist harder to get granted.

    Thx for the info!
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    In 14 years, I have never seen someone on FTRS promoted until they came off, did the pre-requisite course, drummed their fingers for a bit and then re-engaged in the senior rank.
  13. Well I have been once and 3 in my ops room have as well as more at my unit.
  14. If I have this right you are on FTRS? If so then even if your SJAR/OJARs were on JPA then your unit would not have access to them while you are on FTRS, unless you are working within your own unit. I know this because I am in that situation, and make sure to send them a copy each year.

    As alluded to above it is very difficult to promote on FTRS unless a. the post is rank ranged b. There is a vacant PID in your home unit and c. they are willing to promote somebody into that slot who will not serve in it. In this scenario you would be unlikely to make it on to a board until at least they knew you were returning in the near future.

    As an aside, you need to provide input into your SJAR/OJAR each year, via JPA, so I do not understand why you or your employing unit have not picked this up. Not entirely sure who you could cry career foul against though as some personal responsibility has to be taken here.

    I am not a 'black belt' in MS by any means but if you PM me then I could probably get some advice from those with more expertise than myself in the field.
  15. Although as you appear to be based at Chilwell I find it hard to believe that with all the TA/FTRS/Mobilisation expertise on site that no one there can advise you...