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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. TA

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  2. Family

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  3. Girlfriend (wife is covered by family)

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  4. Work

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  5. Money

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  1. Which do you put first in order of precedence?

    Not which should you put first, but which do you put at the top of your list?

    Personally, the TA is trumps and it's been the catalist of two major relationship break downs, and as yet, never interfered with work.
  2. Where's the masturbation option?
  3. your avatar beats them all but you really need to get out more!!
  4. Family wins every time but not always through choice
  5. Ah but that's a given. Can't beat a good w@nk, a cry then a pot noodle :wink:
  6. I'd go with that now after a divorce partly due to TA, civi job coming second (after losing a job through mobilisation and it does pay the bills after all) and TA third, but then again I am getting old and do find myself sometimes pining for slippers and a comfy chair. :lol:
  7. Wouldn't really fancy it in that order though, could get messy.

    My priority at the moment is TA, mainly because I want to get my basic training over and done with so I can crack on with trade training and making the most of what the TA has to offer. Family are a very close second, although they all understand that this is something I'm passionate about and so are offering all the support they can.
  8. You're only as old as the kit you're issued (so I suppose in some cases, it's best to take some people outside and just put them out of their misery :lol: )
  9. :lol:

    Seriously though TA is my priority at the moment. I don't live at home with family so that doesn't really matter but parents are supportive. TA is my work and money so that covers that too!
  10. Yeah but at least with pot noodles you wouldn't notice the funny taste :lol:
  11. See updated order.

    I'm still pretty green in my career also (and so far have the same, sickening enthusiasm waiting to be sucked from every orifice when things turn bone again) but if things pan out how I want them to, then even then things won't be too bad.

    If you can find the perfect mix of all of the above, everyone would be doing it!!
  12. TA is at the bottom of my list... hobbies are optional after all.

    (And before any overkeen TA bods get on my back... it IS a hobby. If you don't consider it a hobby, you should either get out more or join the Regs)
  13. The priorities are laid down in many recruiting and TA man management documents and drummed into officers and SNCOs. The priroty is:





    While your immediate priorities may change through time it is important to remember this order. If you don't you run the risk of ending up single and unemployed / unemployable at age 50 with nothing to look forward to but the piss up on armistice day.

    The TA is not a career. If that's what you want look for an NRPS job or join the regs.

    I can understand some of the posts above are from junior soldiers living at home and going through recruit training which is an intensive time. The TA may seem like the most important thing in your life right now and I'm not trying to curb your enthusiasm, go for it! But in the long run you need to look after your home life and your civilian career which the TA on it's own will not fulfil.
  14. I'm fairly new to the TA too, but I'd agree with Top Badger; other things have to take priority. If I was 17 again, it would probably be #1, but I'm not and it isn't (having said that - I would've gone on and joined the regs if I was 17 again).

    Mind you, the money helps out, & the wife'll get over it when Afghanistan looms :D
  15. ^ Sound advice Blythe, I guess I'm waiting for that day to come where the TA doesn't feel as important.

    As for FTRS, I think about it often but my loyalty is to the Unit and when I reach the point where I feel I can't offer anythng new, or I reach a peak in my development (and my ability to develop others), THEN I'll consider a posting.