TA Pre-selection course (NOT PARA PRE-SELECTION)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mevo, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I have just passed my BARB and I am currently waiting for a date for my pre-selection day, which is then followed by 2 days pre-selection.... I believe this is a new format for new TA recruits. I was just wondering if any of you had any more info about the two.

  2. I believe the first pre-selection day is made up of watching various Army recruiting films which send tou subliminal messages. You'll also have to do a few mental tests such as being locked in a room with one of those plastic toy fish tanks filled with water and a push button to get the fish to the top..not as easy as it sounds. The 2nd pre-selection is more fun, you'll be taken paintballing to test your Army skills and also have to pass the ration test by eating the full two boxes throughout the day...fail this and it's bye bye. Finally you'll have to shower with everyone else to prove your not shy. There's also an interview thrown in to see how much you've enjoyed it.