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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by tinks, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi, was hoping someone could shed some light on the Alpha 1a PQO course at strensall. I'm due to do this two week course in a couple of weeks and starting to panic now. What is the PT like while I consider myself to be quiet fit I'm by no means super fit.
    Any info would be great. Thanks
  2. Behave yourself. Its a TA PQO course so assuming you can walk to the mess under your own steam then you should be fine.
  3. There was plenty of PT when I did it 3-4y ago
    The invetitable PFTs. Some gym sessions, battlefield PT and a bit of a CFT
    Need to be reasonably fit so get some prep in and break your boots/feet in
  4. Okay thanks where there many failures ??
  5. It's known as the 'vicars & tarts' course as the majority are nurses and padres.

    You say you are 'quiet' fit. Then you will be in the top 5. Stop worrying about it.

    If anything it's the nurses you wanna be worried about; casting spells and zipping about on their broomsticks. Get yourself a good talisman to ward off the evil eye/clap.
  6. Haha I'll make sure I have one ..... Thank god I'm a nice nurse lol
  7. Nurses eat their young.

    They do!

    Ok then, Google it!!

    Yeah, not so nice now eh!?!?
  8. Haha
  9. No one failed at Strenshall
    2 kicked out of RMAS over fitness issues
  10. Really, so when people say its more an attendance course it's not true ....... Was their fitness really poor. I'm nearly 40 and do my PFA on average 12 mins struggle with the CFT though.
  11. Tinks
    Firstly, don't panic. Phase 1alpha is an introduction and is quite basic, weapons handling, drill, navigation and fitness. Of course fitness plays an important part, but its not the whole picture. Effort is everything. Be seen to be trying your best, and you will get through. Your report at the end will identify any weakness, therefore, time to sort before Sandhurst on phase 1 bravo.

    Recruits do get binned but that is through lack of effort and poor attitude, such as, 'they need me more than i need them' type attitude.

    The CFT should be only 4 miles, because there is no time for beat up training to complete full distance, biggest problem is issue boots not broke in, seek advice about managing/preventing blisters.

    Phase 1 alpha is good prep for Sandhurst, which is quite a step up. Sandhurst is what its all about really.

    I have completed both within the last year and loved it. Remember, its all done to test your ability to deal with stressful situations and how you respond, if you make a mistake dont worry, crack on and learn from it.

    Good luck and enjoy
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  12. Well, I'll see you there (junior doc, male, short, red-haired, probably at the back of the CFT line.....)
  13. Oooooh I'm the very small blonde nurse way back on the CFT lol
  14. So how did it go?
  15. Just completed the course and have to say it was very intense but great fun. The instructors where fantastic firm but fair just don't try and take the piss and have I can't be bothered attitude. Have to say its very physical so anyone going get practicing carrying weigh and buy plenty of compeed as a loads suffered with blisters. Now have 10 weeks to go before Sandhurst GULP