TA PQO Course

Hi Hope someone can shead a light on the PQO course for me.
At the moment I'm in the TA and work as a staff nurse within the unit I have done and passed all my recruit training last year and gained my Cpl.
I am now working towards doing my officer training but as nobody from my unit has done the New PQO course I have nobody to fill in the blanks ie what is the fitness requirements what do you fail on, what are they looking for etc.
I still need to sit my AOSB what kind of questions will they be asking and again what will be expected
Thanks again
I never did the new style AOSB weekend, but I believe it usual sort of "what can you bring to the Army" sort of questions, probably a PFT and command tasks

I did PQOa+b in 2008 and 2009 at RMAS
Plenty of drill, basic MATTs training and PT on PQOa
More drill, presentations, lectures, command tasks, 5 day field exercise,section attacks and PT at RMAS

They seem to be failing mainly on fitness, 2 binned on my course and a number binned for being unfit in Jan I believe

Try and look interested in the lectures, put 100% into the physical tasks and get fit to pass PFT/CFT I'd say
The Adjutant should be able to brief you on AOSB..... have you asked them??

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