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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. Speaking to one of my Recruit Instructor chums, it seems that future TA Potential Officers (TAPOs ) wil go into the "standard" recruit training, and then straight to the factory for commissioning thereafter - ie no requirement to serve a year or or so to see how the real (ish ) world works.

    Thats one issue, but I gather that the Instructors will be told to treat them in a different manner than they would treat the "normal" recruits... The example given was, for an ordinary bloke who gets things wrong, they might get an on-the-spot series of pressups. For TAPOs, they might still get pressups, but will have an explanation as to why, prior to heaving ho. In other words, be gentle with them, they are special and fragile.

    I have an opinion on this :roll: , but what does the Forum think?
  2. I did my recruits course and then straight into Module 2 which is equivilent to MTQ2 and the TCB fairly shortly after starting that.

    One thing I was not aware of though was the lack of need to do GAP training, you just need to do you're first few weekends and CMS(R), module 2 covers the rest of it. Home units may say otherwise but I'd be more inclined to beleive the brigade training team.

    One thing with the new system is that TAPO's are instantly Sandhurst capbadged on starting the PO training-although they don't receive Officer Cadet Pay (a minor increase and lower than if they'd gone trade), or white stripe until passing TCB.

    I'll have 'served' over a year by the time I commission, but there's no need for me to have any trade training. Somehow I doubt they will be softer on the TAPO's (they're not on us!) but will reflect whatever the regime at Sandhurst is after-they are running the show afterall.
  3. BB, there is a whole n'other thread on this topic: see "TA Officer Cadets". That thread starts off about other stuff but then swerves into your point.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I think that the real shock will come when they realise how much time they will have to put in to complete MK1 and JOTACs.

  5. I'd advise you to do it (before comissioning), my current troopie hasn't and it shows - after all its only a couple of weekends or a week course.
  6. RMAS Cap Badge and OCdt Rank Slide may not be worn until a Potential Officer (PO) has passed both TCB & TAMB. Until such time as the PO has passed both he or she will wear their Brigade flash on a "corps" beret and will remove all other rank insignia. Applies to all Bdes.
  7. Huh? News to me, Bde training team seemed to think different anyway. Oh well, advice is to just follow what you're told by different parties-if the training team want you to wear SH badge then wear it around them, if your unit want you wearing something else, do it for them. The alternative is to highlight that Lt Col XYZ and WO2 ABC 'told' as in ordered me to but don't be cocky-I don't think most people at your unit will be able to countermand their instructions but they can/will make you suffer.

    I'm contemplating studying a 'core trade' within my expected unit so I atleast know what it's all about.

  8. Explanation? Certainly, wouldn't want to be accused of bullying would we? Gentle? That would seriously disadvantage them when they arrived at the Factory. Special? I think they are - not many youngsters in this time of "umbrella management" willing to put their necks on the line and stick the course long enough to make something of themselves. And the "search for a star" wannabees will be found out long before they have a chance to cause any damage. Fragile? They'd better not be because - contrary to what some might have you believe - your average TAPO spends an awful lot of time engaged in far more robust physical activity than your average TA soldier.

    Please, forum members, allow the "average" descriptor to stand - we all know there are exceptional soldiers and exceptional units just as there are both soldiers and officers at the other end of the spectrum.
  9. Here here. After a year, even if you are a bright lad, you still know zip. It takes years to actually know what you are doing and having a grounding in a trade does help stop you making a d*ck of yourself. Don't get to full of yourself either. If you were that good after 12 or 18 months you wouldn't be expected to do as you are told by supposedly "suboordinate" SNCO's. Keep the trap shut and the ears open. There are others on this forum who could tell you that from experience.
  10. As BB knows, these TAPO's will not wear any form of regimental head dress (except helmets) until they have completed RT7 they may however be given some form of coloured ribbon to distinguish them but I personally cannot see the point. If they are 'intelligent' enough they should be able to work out why they are getting the punishment in the first place and if not then they do not deserve to get though anyway though of teh intake he is referring to at least one of them certainly isnt despite all of his conecctions and unofficial conversations with the adj etc!
  11. They're Sandhurst capbadging DEPOs? Interesting.

    It's important to note that Direct Entry PO's and PO's already on regimental service are treated differently.
  12. Abacus

    As an Infantry soldier I disagree with this. Your experience may, of course, differ.