TA Potential Officer Training Responsibility

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Capt Cheeky, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. The duty rumour floating around is that all aspects of TA Potential Officer Training pre-TACC is to be taken on by the Regional Training Centres (RTCs) for both UOTC OCdt's, Unit Potential Officers (UPOs) and Direct Entrants (DEPOs).

    Leaving the UOTC's to focus on their "Look at Life" role and Leadership Development.

  2. I think that's already happened at London, except the DETAPOs train somewhere else until they've done MOD 1.
  3. There is only one RTC anywhere close to being well enough resourced to take this on immediately and nothing has been mentioned to me, erm I mean my close friend who knows a bit about the Officer Training Wing, about this.

    Is there perhaps some confusion with the instruction that obliged RTCs to accept all-comers to Module 3 but which did not compel UOTCs to send their candidates on same if they had an equivalent standard Module 3 of their own?

    Would seem a strange decision given the investment in putting all Instructors, RTC and UOTC through the RMAS Train The Trainer courses.

    So whoever told you this, thank them very much for their input and then recommend sex and travel until they have a bit of paper and not just a rumour.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, I think that as rumour and scuttlebutt are the backbone of ARRSE, it's worth continuing with this!

    Certainly our Brigade, and the one next to it, are both sending all POs to train at an RTC far, far away from us. I only see them on Drill Nights, and not often then :)

    I'm sure they will get a better start and do better at Sandhurst, but they are getting no experience of working with TA Soldiers, I'm afraid.
  5. OS, the rumour seems to have been a policy decision to run a combined course for UOTC OCdts plus TA OCdts, either trawled from Units (UPO) or who have joined as a result of Offr advertising campaign (DEPO).

    As you have discovered your own Bde (not to mention the one next to it) isn't even able to train your own UPOs/DEPOs so how likely is it that they will be able to train UOTC OCdts as well without massive expansion of their instructor personnel, classroom resources and training area access?

    Rumour and scuttlebutt may well be the backbone of arrse but this is neither, it's just plain wrong IMHO.
  6. The rumour that I heard from Spesilist training Unit and the ULOTC is that in the rest of the country TA Officers will be trained by STUs with the exeption ot Ocdts who will be trained by their OTC's. This was to be a country wide thing with the exeption of London who was to allow their OTC to continue to train up to just b4 RMAS, although now that the STU is in the same building as the ULOTC I think we are possably training under boath flags. although it is still the same staff as before.
    This may be out of date so don't quote it.
  7. What the hell makes them so bloody special ?

  8. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Success mate, the ULOTC Cadre course and the major in charge of it have been responsible for a disproportional number of people passing out of the TACC for the resources they have. I think the major has even been decorated for the number of TAPOs he's pushed through the TACC over the years. Nice bloke as well.
  9. Fair one!

    Surely the powers that be are gunning for a single tier system as opposed to the song being sung from two distinctly different song-sheets though.

    How long do you forsee the shelflife of this current arrangement being ?
  10. Put like that, not long. However, will it ever actually get put like that outside these hallowed halls? Recent OTC courses have been stuffed to overflowing with OCdts/TAPOs of all varieties of capbadge, results (in my limited experience) have been very good and instructors are being retained and recruited in training establishments other than RTCs/STUs.

    Also, the RMAS T3 w/e mentioned above is due to run in about a fortnight for DS from across the range of training providers.
  11. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I see your point, to be honest I have no idea. I assume these changes, if they're happening are all part of FAS but my knowledge of what goes on or is planned is pretty limited. Perhaps the ULOTC Cadre will become the nucleus of a London District RTC.
  12. Both London District and Northern Ireland run under slightly different arrangements from the rest of the country but basic principles of two-speed training remain between the UOTC programme and the TAPO programme.

    Changes are not part of FAS, they are part of drive to establish Best Practice across the country and there is an increasing amount of interaction between Chief Instructors UOTC COs and training staff at all levels.

    Anyone - I really mean anyone - who wants to visit an RTC Officer Training Wing in action and willing to travel to the frozen north PM me and I'll see what I can arrange.
  13. Gary Glitter,Jonathon King and Michael Jackson will see you at Redford on Saturday :twisted:
  14. Of course, a key difference between UPOs/DEPOs and their UOTC counterparts is a significantly higher average age so messrs Glitter, King and Jackson may well be disappointed. If you know them well enough to manage their diaries perhaps you would be good enough to let them know. :wink:
  15. Just a comment on the NI side of things. We have no RTC as it were, so all of our PO training is done through the UOTC. Units have responsibility for putting their sponsored POs through Module 1, they're then shipped over to the OTC for Mods 2 and 3. OTC cadets have the opportunity to tag on to the MOD 3 side of the package prior to TACC to get their tick in the box. The down side of it is that it's too dependant on the OTC. The calender for DEPO training depends on when students are available, and at what stage of their training they are in. To that end there was no MOD 3 available for POs prior to May, effectively ruling out anyone from going then, and I'm sure the same will happen next year. Might be a good idea for some of our crowd to go over to an RTC across the water to fill this loop-hole.

    More importantly, where do you find lightweights, and a wooly pully in this day and age? Surely easier to track down No. 2s??