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Im down for the TA potential NCO's in March and was wondering if theres anyone who has done it recently or DS who could give me tips and pointers as to what to expect. i.e what what sort of fitness is required what they expect you to know before you get there and what kit is best to take.

Dependes who you are and what you want to know?

I ran a TA JNCO course at ITC Catterick in 2001/2. Greatly enjoyed it and am sure you will learn alot from it. Are you Inf as if yes, I can certainly point you in the right direction!
Thanks for the replys

Yes im infantry and it will be at ITC Catterick, and Im just want to to know what will be covered so I can go down with a heads up, I know the basics roles of a 2I/C but just intrested in knowing what else will be taught and the outline of the time there. like how long is gnerally spent in the field etc etc

If it's a TA cadre, it'll be for two weeks. expect the first week to be ranges, phys and being b******d about a bit to see if you can operate under pressure in a mildly sleep-deprived environment.
Range work should be from Pairs F+M up to Section Battle drills.
You'll be expected to be able to take on the role of every member of a rifle section, including that of the Sect Commander and possibly that of the Pl Sgt also.
Make sure your manual nav skills are up to scratch (no GPS please) as there's bound to be a bit of night nav involved.
Second week will be more fieldcraft and you should be out for at least four nights straight.
Expect more phys and lots of tabbing with kit - more than you'd normally carry, to simulate battle loads (ammo and water weigh shed loads).
Phys standards before attending should be a minimum af a sub 9 1/2 minute BPFA run and look at being able to comfortably complete the ICFT (both parts - whatever it's currently called - I've lost touch).
Take lots of Brufen to combat minor aches and strains.
Lastly, don't forget to pack a sense of humour and remember - you can put up with any amount of s**t for a fortnight!

Can't think of anything else that may be relevant as the programme changes at Brecon on an hourly basis these days.
oh yeah, fablon everything...
Arkady said:
You'll be expected to be able to take on the role of every member of a rifle section, including that of the Sect Commander .
I knew that we were undermanned but bloody hell!!
Thanks Arkady,

just another quick question, I got the joining instructions and theres a few lessons on orders. I take it that its just the extraction of the orders? or giving them, do you know? I know the 2 i/c is responsible for model building, help out on that on Cambrian patrol so ill need to buy me a model kit.

Other than keeping your head and sense of humour, any other words of wisdom?

Scotsman Ricky
get a model kit, a TAMS with the relavant inserts, eg Infantry, and read up on the orders flow and combat estimate. They will teach you the rest. You will need a battle book, A5 size is good for senior brecon and the smaller A6? I think it is should be ok for junior brecon/2/ic course. Learn the different types of ammo you as an infantieer might use, see and order up, 5.56, RGGS, morter, smoke, tracer, 7.62 etc and learn the burn times,ranges, usage, non useage. Its all in the TAMS or the Pam. Read the Pam and understand the concept of the role of a section commander, basic inf skills and the differing types of attack. On the TA course thats all you will cover, no in defence or OBUA, no time see. Good Luck!
I have from my juniors and senior some electronic aide memoures, eg orders cards, section cards, QBO cards.
PM me your e-mail add and I will send it on if you want.

Mr Happy

Don't forget to try and impress the DS as much as poss. they are always looking to see who knows stuff from their units and who can catch them out on their mistakes, don't worry if they're not making any, ask difficult questions in order so that either (a) they can or (b) so you can make sure other members of the squad have learned the point sufficiently.

Some of those Matchbox or 1/1800 model tanks etc. will help a lot in the demonstration of armour in your model kit and likewise those farm animal sheep etc are particularly important for army training areas like Warcop and SENTA.
The last answer was sarcasm, or at least I think it was.
Speak softly, tread carefully and always say less than you know – you don’t want to get to General too quickly in our shrinking organisation
Fablon!!!!!! showing your age now dude
no way get yourself a cheap laminator and laminating sheets , you,ll get your money back laminting everyone elses orders cards etc 8) and be the "grey man"

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