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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by tracer, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. Question - Having just arrived at a TA posting too (as records put it) widen my career profile, will this hold me back for a couple of years? Whilst having my co's interview at my previous unit he pointed out the fact that as i was doing well, i could afford too forget about the next couple of years because TA confidentials dont hold much weight on a grading board. I just find it strange how your told that you need too do this kind of post, but why dont you get the recognition for it? Anyone out there who can shed some light on this matter?
  2. Just finishing a two year posting at a Regional Training Centre during which time two of my Sgts were posted back to their parent units as CSgts and one Cpl was posted into me as a Sgt. Definitely the place to be if you are waiting on dead-man's shoes in your own unit.

    If you are in Scotland feel free to pm me.
  3. I finnished a TA posting in September this year. Yes you were informed right about the dead-mans shoes. Even getting good grades on my CR, the wait that it hold on the board against others in main stream units is nil. Even though as a PSI/SPSI you are looked upon to do everymans job from the Pte to SSM, it makes no difference as a TA CO is probebly categorised as a regular Capt. The only great aspect about the job was being able to get loads of quals while i was there. Good luck bud
  4. I'm being posted next month. The place I'm going looks after their troops. I just need to behave now :wink: :lol:
  5. Sweaty - not quite true - I had three SPSI's that went on to better things immediately they left. One (WO11) became RSM of 3RGJ, one (C/Sgt) became WO11 at the training wing at Winchester and the last (a C/Sgt) got picked up and left early to become a CSM. Of the others, one was waiting to get retire and the other was still in place when I left. Of my Sigs PSI's, they all went back to Bn and were promoted to Colourboy. During their posting they all had plenty to do and also got in loads of quals - one even finished his OU degree!

    Our CO's were all regs, not rated as Captains, and their confidentail reports must have had some sway. Even so, a TA CO is a full time post and they must be taken seriousely as most go on to Full Colonel and above (Richard Holmes - CO Wessex Voilunteers and TV historian for example - he is now a Brigadier).

    Also, if you want to progress past Sgt in 22 you need to complete a posting as PSI
  6. msr

    msr LE

    This speaks volumes. I bet the boys loved you.

  7. I know this type of guy. We bust a gut to get in on an evening, to sort some admin/training/career courses out, and he's on his advanced underwater knife fighting instructor course despite coming out in 6 months and being a clerk :roll:
  8. You really are a sanctimonious turd . With the amount of back-to-back tours, exercises, visits, etc going on there is not that much time in the real army to go on courses. As a PSI in a TAC however there is.

    Most of you cnuts don't turn up for organised weekends / training anyway as you are still imbedded in your men friends from the night before.

    Do one Mister MSR.
  9. Well Geordie Blerk if the PSI was there to organise the training and make it worthwhile the blokes would turn up! If you have a cnut for a PSI the the blokes dont turn up.

    TA soldiers stick together (in my old unit we did) and if the training was sh1te we voted with our feet.
    Ta guys have more brain power than the average 18 year point PSI coz most blokes then are only interested in becoming one of us! a Civvie!
  10. The PSI, what is expected of them and what they get out of it differs between regts/corps.

    In the infantry most PSI proved how skillful and knowledgable they were, they were on a career posting but since moving to a corps its quite obvious the TA gets the crap. msr's comments are very valid, as are geordie_blerk's, guess you'd be both talking a different tune if you were in the same corps/regt.
  11. ARAB springs to mind.

    and that just about some it up !

    get posted to a TA unit - earn sh1t loads in claims, go on every course you can think of and p1ss off at the end of it with a promotion.
    Not content with that - you have to bitch

    yep, ARABs somes you up nicely
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    My posting as a PSI with the Geordie Gunners was the best time of my life :D
  13. As I understand the function of the PSI is to provide support for the training program and make sure it's the right training. Disappearing on courses kinda makes it hard to keep an eye on things if you're not there.

    A PSI can have a good time with a TA unit and more than one in my unit has come away with a vastly improved opinion of the TA, to the extent that a former PSI, on greeting me to the Rifle Company he was with back in Battalion finished his "Hello " chat off with " You've got to watch these cnuts on the loading bay, they're f**king shite...."

    We had a "Me, Myself and I" SPSI some years ago. Only SPSI the OC and CSM complained about to the RSM for f**king off all the time, amongets other things. Ended up with the OC having a chat with the CO and a shortened posting.

    To work well as a PSI you've got to keep those lads who do turn in happy, with courses booked when they ask, with making sure Training programs work and, sometimes, taking over training where your depth of knowlodge can improve our skills and keep us up to date
  14. Tracer, It all depends where you are in your career. If you're going into your last 2/3 years, don't expect promotion, however enjoy your time in the TA. If you've got time on your hands and you do a good job, then there is on reason why you shouldn't get promoted. The last 3 guys that left us were all promoted on return.

    With the TA being relied upon alot more by the Regs for Os etc, it is becoming a much more interested and varied jo. We have ion the last two years sent two of our PSIs on Ops with formed TA Coys/Pls. You will be viewed upon along side, if not better then a SNCO at depot.

    In general the TA is not a bad place to be, I speak as a Reg. Yes it can be frustrating, you will end up planning weekends and trg that is poorly attended (but they all put there hands up the week before), but that is life. Enjoy the quality of life and the opportunitys it presents you.

    PS - Take up Golf!!
  15. I left after 18 months on promotion and had a damn good time there - just depends on the unit and what arm/corp you are, some places are shit, some are good. As long as you do whats expected of you, look after the lads/lasses and sort 'em out good training you'll do fine. Check up on what your reporting chain is and make sure you keep those folk informed of what you are up too - its not brown-nosing, its umbrella warfare - information is power in a TA Bn/Regt and they tend to back-stab a lot cos they are so 'cliquey', so keep the right people informed of what you are doing and do it well, job done, take up golf or any other habit that can waste a few hours a week, be prepared for some hard work and disappointments, but in the end, as with all postings, its what you make of it.

    As an SPSI I had a feckkin good time, but my wife hated it - so be prepared for that bit as well.................

    Good luck in it mate