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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Daede, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Gents,
    Un question per favore.

    Ive always followed the forces, got a couple of friends who are in the RAF, and even thought about joining up for a while.

    To cut to the chase, im vaguely-sort of-maybe interested in joining the TA.
    Im 26, have a v good job in the city, and more importantly, ive got a little boy (2 yrs old, and already likes curry).

    Now i can do all the research about units etc etc at the recruiting office, but can anyone tell me what the impact the TA has on family life?
    Im not talking about when deployed, but rather the weekend to weekend, motivation etc etc.

    Anyone with a family / working in London (by that i mean getting on a train at 7 in the morning, and getting home at 2000 at night) who can offer any insights would be mucho appreciated.

    Actually any insights from anyone would be good.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you look like that Picture you'll make a lot of new pals!

    Seriously, plenty of single parents manage to be in the TA - but - big but here - you must be prepared to be mobilised for around 10 or 11 months once trained. Are you prepared for this, and is your young Lad?
  3. Oh hang on, im not single. Im married.

    Other half is supportive of what i want to do (spent 3 months in Nigeria, then 6 months in Kenya, then a month in DRC in the first two years of us being together).
    But then again, im realistic in that supportive can quickly become 'getting a pee'd off' to 'run away with the milkman'.
  4. And thats not me in the piccy either.

    I wish i had hair. Im doing the 'premature baldy-so-shaved-head-in-advance' thing at the mo.
  5. Depends on how much time you wish to dedicate to the TA. Over the last couple of years I have used all my holidays for the TA, 80 days in all (less 10 which was spent on a well deserved holiday). That is not including the, on average, 2-3 weekends per month. So to answer your question, yes it could have an impact on your little lads life if you let it.
  6. Can you do drill nights regularly ? Can you spend the weekend running around like a mad thing and still get to work? + spare time for fitness training
    Will your wife be happy with not seeing you at weekends ?And for 2 week camps ? Its possible if your wifes happy with you doing it .Though moblisation
    is a strong possibility nowadays.
  7. I joined the TA shortly before getting married last year. I did my Phase 1 (10 day course) 3 months after getting married, then did phase 2 (15 days) a few months after that. This year I did PTI course (12 days) in September (getting back in time for wedding anniversary), not to mention every weekend since June training.

    Wife has currently had a sense of humour failure so have promised to step off until the new year. Make sure she's onside, or explosions on the homefront will be all you'll hear.
  8. It depends on who you join. Specialist units have to commit to less time than infantry (which is a fecking specialist trade if you ask me). Although you can do as much as your OC will allow if you super keen/sad.

    Also, enforced mobilisation is still not used that much, a lot of folk are chosing to go so the need is less. Do be prepeared to get called up however, as it could happen. The appeals process is hard by all accounts but there is one.

    Have a look round you area, the London Reg is scatered around the place if you want inf stuff, and they are alright blokes. Go along on recriut nights and chat to the guys, thats the best you can do.

    The tax free bounty of up to £1,500 will keep the misses happy anyway. She can buy shoes with it, or whatever.
  9. The book says 28 days commitment however thats crap

    You'll need to doo at least one weekend a month, two weeks a year and more drill nights then you can shake a stick at.

    And thats the basic a lot of lads doo far more and thats before you start talking about doing phys in your own time or doing the odd tour 8)

    So it may effect home life a tad :wink:
  10. If you feel it's something you want to do, why not go and have a chat to a recruitment person.
    But if you like all your free time to yourself, don't like being away from your family and you can't commit then, maybe it's not the thing for you. Have looked a specialist units, someone told me about them when I was enquiring, the ask for less hours etc
  11. I think you've already answered your own question. Only vaguely interested, city job and a little boy (quite right he's important) all adds up to i don't think you'd want to give up your time.

    That said, go look around a unit and see what you think, if you become more than vaguely interested then give it a go.

  12. If you wish to make a career of the TA then you will have to commit more time to it than the book asks for.

    Some may laugh at a possible "career" in the TA, but it is achievable, money can be good too.
  13. Hmm. Ive heard that the specialist trades arent as 'rigourous' in their requirements from someone else.

    Would it be an idea to look at something along the lines of intelligence?

    Also, my local unit would be in Essex (Chelmsford to be precise), but am i limited to joining this, or could i look at one of the London Units?

    I suppose if i went into a London Unit, i could always tell the missus that im part-time SAS, and that i will kill her with a banana if she plays up.
  14. Mate - get into contact with as many units as you can, and have a look round the place. Each unit will have its own ethos and attitude, so think about what would suit you best.

    Trades will come with the unit you choose, but think about what you want to do.

    You're not limited to your local unit, but it should be one you can get to from easily. Whether this means choosing one close to work or home is up to you.
  15. I don't think MI have a place in Chelmsford.

    You've got some Inf there though, although that might prove a bit tiring.

    Could join R Sigs, 70 Sqn has a place in Chelmsford, the role is home comms, and therefore the chance of a call up is lesser.