Does anybody have any info on been a part time POM?
ie, what ticket,s is itpossible to get and where would you go to do the courses?? Chatham??
Chatham runs courses and also on camp, our last camp was the 4CX conversion course, but most of the modules are run on weekends. As for being a POM

If you are trained sapper then I am sure you know what you are doing but ..

Assuming you have no experience ......

Best bet is to inquire at your local TA Engineer Regt, you can ask the PSI or recruiting staff to see if it is for you and you for them. Go through the recruit factory and request a posting to the Support Troop - that is where you fond the Planties as they are called.

Depends on the Sqn , most of them like you to do some time in the Field Troop, the 'hands on ' guys where you learn a bit about being a combat engineer and get a bit of experience under your belt. You will do some combat engineer modules and hopefully practice most of it in the field.

Once you have spent a bit of time there you can ask to be a plantie and if things are good then you go into the Support Troop and start doing the Plant modules - how to drinve the diggers etc, they have other names but that will do. You also need HGV, so often people will do the MT side of Support Troop and then go plant op.

There are other Sqns that are mainly plant and they go direct, our Sqn has started putting guys straight form rct training into Support Troop, remember it is MT as well as plant.

Unless you have a burning desire to get your part time 'job' to get you a licence for a 'full time' job you are as well as spending your time in a field troop and then going support. That way you get to learn off your peers, in a specialist troop you shouldn't need 'nurse maiding' - we all did once, you are there to pick up your trade quickly and often due to the nature of being in vehicles you don't have that scope for supervision and helping advice.

Another reason is that you will normaly be with guys with rank, experienced guys compared to a field troop where you will be with people the same level as you, more learning of your peers or mates.

In our Sqn the guys who went into the specialist troops s **t out big style, too much power play going on, the guys in the field tps are more like mates and were able to help each other out without it being a big deal. Suffice to say the two guys who joined the specialist troops have now left them or the TA, the field troop guys are still happy and going strong, minus 1 out of 5.

Just as important is that you need to learn how to do your job, support combat engineer tasks. We were extremely fortunate that our planties were all very experienced combat engineers, at least class two before they went plant. That means they know what they are doing, they have done trenching before so they can appreciate what is needed etc, same with crane operators and bridge builds. (Vicks if you are reading this :wink: ). On the tenth aniversary of our barracks being opened the field troop was tasked to put in an MGOB, we didn't have the manpower but the planties were able to help because they knew their stuff.

Soldier first, combat engineer second and trade third.

As a regular engineer this isn't so much a big deal as everyone does combat engineer training, mines , dems etc before doing their trade. In the TA doing combat engineering is a trade, as specialised as doing plant for example or signals, just different, a bit more rugsy / daft depending on your viewpoint.

So there is my four penneth , as you can see I feel quite strongly about spending some time in a field troop first, and good luck.
Cheers for that Hogstable, Hoping to get started on my POM Courses ASAP.Apparently any Plant quals you get from RE cant be transferred over to civi st??? Is this true??I already have my 180 ex from my civi job,hopfully get afew more over the course of the next year
Can't say not my trade but I can ask when I go in next if you want, thought it odd if you can't take them across as most military quals are NVQ'd up so should be easy to swap them.

Well some mil quals don't have civvy quals , can't see guided weapon instructor being too useful down the job centre, although the instructor bit will have some NVQ stuff.
They used to do 2 week modules for the different machines. If you PM FSDT he should be able to tell you what the score is now.
Mariolario said:
Does anybody have any info on been a part time POM?
ie, what ticket,s is itpossible to get and where would you go to do the courses?? Chatham??
are they all not "part-time" :? :wink: :? :wink:

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