TA plt sjt,s battle course....is there an age restriction???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jay1871, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. :? :? is ther currently an age restiction on platoon sjt,s battle course (TA)...Brecon...thx :? :?
  2. No, just be fit enough.
  3. I think its 35.
  4. 35? I havn't seen an age restriction on any of the course requirements and Im certain when I did mine there was a bloke of 42 on it. To be fair this was in 94
  5. So you don't really know.

    I'm not sure but I have heard 35 mentioned, as the phizz is pretty demanding for Old Codgers.

  6. Well i wouldnt try it at the age of 98.
  7. I was reading the course list on Tue night and didnt see any age restrictions, and less of the old codger thing pretty sure I could do the course now at 44. Right its down to the TAC to dig out the course list.....
  8. Just looking on Armynet and its called PTC now.......
  9. Everyone on here is so **** about spelling and grammar, yet no one picked up on the obvious.

    Shot over, shot ouch...... :D
  10. Delberto, you got there just before me. No offence Jay, but if you struggle with spelling Sgt, I'd suggest that you're not quite ready for the Plt Sgt's course yet.
  11. Or maybe he's in the Rifles...Just a thought.
  12. "RIFLES" spelling correct "SJT" no offence taken
  13. Way over the head of some that will be :D
  14. Before engaging in conversation with others please be sure to have full BASIC knowledge and HISTORY of the ranks of the British army, including the RIFLES, It will make you look less stupid in future discussions......SWIFT AND BOLD.........Like i said NO OFFENCE TAKEN.....just ADVICE GIVEN
  15. I did mine in 2005 and there were several blokes over 35, at least one was well over 40. The phys isnt that bad as long as you are fit, and saying that you are 4x yrs old will mean nowt to the DS. I did find in general that the older blokes doing snr were 'better prepared physically' that many of the younger blokes on jnr or pl cmdr.