TA Platoon Commander - How much work?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. This may seem like a bone question, in fact it probably is a bone question, but how much time would a TA Platoon Commander expect to spend doing admin tasks in the course of a normal month? Obviously this will depend on how active a unit it is, as well as how much bumff gets passed down the chain of command, but even so...

    The reason I ask is that I've been asked if I'd like to transfer to another unit as a platoon Sergeant with a view to taking over as PC in the future.

    Obviously since I'm not in the UK, things aren't going to be exactly the same, but perhaps someone could give me a ball-park figure? Would I be far off the mark in guessing at a couple of nights of admin a week?

    Cheers in advance for any replies

  2. On training nights don't expect to achieve anything except Pl admin and phones calls, its your only chance to see the guys face to face.

    I also do at least another 1/4 day, sometimes 1/2, during the week to stay on top of my own admin- planning training, ojars, coy tasks etc. This needs to take place somewhere with a DII terminal otherwise it doesn't work- i've tried.

    Also expect all week numerous phones calls about this that and the other- mostly shite stuff.

    Do not expect to get paid for all of it. If you get any pay outside the coy training program its a bonus!
  3. The DII terminal and you will become one.
  4. Yup, I remember being a fresh PC and spending my entire spare time dedicated to make life good for the Platoon. Constant planning, program releases, reports and phone calls.

    Its worth it though as its a great feeling to deploy on exercise with a full platoon and happy Riflemen.
  5. Depends whether the Danish Home Guard have got the same admin-nausea overhead that the TA does; and how much independence is passed down to Platoon level (will you be commanding one of several platoons at a Company location, or a satellite platoon location?)

    In the late-1980s / early-1990s TA (Crown immunity, no computers for admin, pre-DII), I had the luxury of being at a Platoon location TAC - even better, it was a "local" unit, so everyone would hang around in the bar for an hour or two after training. That meant that I spent most training nights actually running training (the joy!) and fitted interviews etc around the edges. That extra evening or two were spent doing lesson plans and sorting out training programmes. Granted, my training evening started at 5pm when I dashed to Coy HQ to act as weapon escort for the PSI (we didn't have an armoury) and finished past midnight after we'd locked the weapons away.

    If you get the chance, take it. It's hard work, but hopefully you'll be able to feel you've made a difference...
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