TA PJNCO at Catterick is it issued kit only ?

Hi im on a TA PJNCO at Catterick in a few weeks and iv just got my joining instructions it says issued boots, issued trousers and stuff like that. has anyone been and done it recently. is it issued kit only or is it just a basic kit list any help would be much appreciated.
bring both it depends on your DS good luck
I did that in about 2007. As said take both, my DS had no dramas with Lowa etc. but were pretty rigid with using hexy to cook with and also using issued load carrying equipment interestingly.
Take both and as a previous poster has said, it depends on the DS. On mine a few years back one of the lads got a bollocking for eating non-ration food in the field (it was supernoodles as I remember).
Surely if they say issued they mean issued? although Lowa & Mendal(spelling) can be considered issue now, PCS or CS95?
Some pti's have a thing about boots with no instep ie magnums, having come a cropper in a pair myself I fully understand why a proper instep is required.
When I did it no. Webbing and daysacks were issued only. To be honest you may get away with a non issued daysack, although be careful which one you choose. I think most places like ITC are pretty set on PLCE for courses although I could be wrong.
Issued boots are required for physical training (ie Battle PT, AFT, OFTs etc), otherwise it will invalidate any insurance cover if you come a cropper.
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