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Might have been done before but can Civie commercial pilots with turbine ratings?? join the TA AAC as pilots? Got a mate who thinks the part time green machine is fantastic now we go to war :roll:

I tried to tell him what its really like but he won't listen.
Quite right, IKTUG.

White, as far as I'm aware, TA pilot is only open to former reg AAC pilots. Still a bit of an old boys network. :wink:

When you think about it, the piloting bit is easy, it's the mil aspect that counts. So even if your pal has a gzillion hours on 747's, his experiance as a field pilot is nil.
I think I can expand on that last comment by IKTUGWEFA just a little,

The current TA pilots are all ex AAC that have had a full career flying with the regulars before joining the TA.

The TA doesnt train pilots or indeed convert to military flying proficiency at present.

He can however join the groundcrew if he wants some action :lol: :lol:
He's sat next to me and is all disappointed now. :cry:

Is this situation likely to change, or is it being considered?
Sorry, he's a Chopper pilot just come back from some ex russian state doing electricity pylons etc

Thanks for the info, I've tried to tell him he'd only be a cab driver but he won't listen :wink:

I think he fancies an Apache :roll:
As far as I'm aware, it will always be like that. As mutters said, the TA AAC does not train pilots to be Army pilots. Hopefully 30 years of mil avn has already done that!
All the above not quite correct. At the risk of being accused of pedantry - is that a form of goat molesting? - ex RM pilots and those from RN/RAF who have done a tour on exchange with AAC are also eligible.

beef :)
Subject to update, the only written words on the subject I found openly are;

Groundcrew - TA Soldiers
Applicants are not required to have previously served with the AAC. However, if they have no previous service, they will be required to complete all relevant AAC trade training, culminating in a Groundcrewman Class 1 course and either a Signals Class 1 or Driver Class 1 course.

All soldiers wishing to fly in the TA must have qualified previously as Service pilots and served at regimental duty with the AAC or 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn RM.

Mandatory Training - TA Soldiers - Gazelle Refresher Course
For those aircrew who are accepted for 7 Regt AAC (V) and are totally uncurrent, Gazelle Refresher courses are run at Middle Wallop. In exceptional circumstances the course can be run internally at 7 Regt AAC (V). If the candidate does not pass the course, the Regiment reserves the right to terminate the enlistment process.



7 Regiment Army Air Corps (Volunteer), Airfield Camp,
Netheravon, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP49SF

Tel: 01980 678292 (aircrew recruiting)
Tel: 01980 678391 (groundcrew recruiting)
Fax: 01980 678326

7 Regiment Army Air Corps is the only TA Regiment in the Army Air Corps (AAC). The Regiment only recruits former members of the Regular Armed Services. All goundcrew are ex-servicemen, mainly AAC although not necessarily so, while all aircrew will have served with the AAC or 3 Brigade Air Squadron.


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