TA Phys. What's the score.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Drivers_lag, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Stuck in Naafi to allow for crayoning and general joshing about... but it's still a proper question.

    I've been doing quite a bit recently, but I wouldn't say I was 'fit'. I can pass a kids BFT, though. Not bad for 38.

    I know the official line. One army and all that, but what's the reality? PT at the units and basic? Basic especially - how hard is the phys? Specifically, should I expect to encounter similar tortures to regular basic?

    All answers welcome.
  2. Probably the same as dress standards and weapons drills.in one word,pants.
  3. If you can pass an AFT and PFT then you've go no worries. Training night phys is dependent on the unit having access to a White Vest wearing gym God(V).
    Piece of piss.
  4. What you mean TA units do phys on a drill night?
    I thought over weight SSgt's & WO2's was normal for a unit?
    Blimey you learn something new every day here!
  5. You will do phys during your training and when you get to your unit you have the PFA and the AFT. The PFA you have to turn up for and the AFT you need to get a tick in the box so you can get your bounty. If you don't pass it just ask the PTI to sign you off anyway. Easy isn't it?
  6. RLC fitness equates to Mira Hindley's babysitting service.....join those cunts