TA Phase I training

My son has joined the TA whilst he is at college (and hopefully university after that) and has just done his first weekend at..........

He loved it. Never the less

Whilst I was on a squadron training weekend I chatted to some of our younger soldiers whio have recently completed their own training and some of their comments about a few of their instructors caused me to wonder what is going on there.

They all mentioned an infantry L/Cpl who despite being very experienced cannot help but shout at the top of his voice and another Female AGC JNCO who screams into the ears of the trainees whilst they are eating lunch. It all sounded a bit like the script of a low budget Vietnam war movie.

I remember getting screamed at as a recruit, way back in 1982, but that was because I was bloody stupid, or at least did and said some bloody stupid things (to any old instructors from 1 Wessex at the time, sorry!!!) and deserved it at the time. Apart from that the instructors vary rarely raised their voices, they simply didn't need to, especially the man mountain from the Glosters (tallest biggest bloke I ever met). I later went through training at HMS Raliegh, when I joined the Navy, but was screamed at rather less because I had learned to be the grey man.

Anyway my son got of the bus at the end of the weekend and I enquired him how he got on. He loved the training and said some of the instructors were brilliant, "but there was this one infantry guy who could only scream at people and a woman from the AGC who bent down and screamed at us all the way through our meals"

Have things changed so much that some instructors find it necessary to do bad impressions of the Gunnery Instructor in Full Metal Jacket.

your son is very unlucky to have been subjected to that, your discrection for not naming the RTC is admirable however it must be done, there are RTC DS on here from nearly all the RTCs and no doubt they'll spot this and deal with it.

Things have changed and all ITW instructors are more professional, they are DTTT qualified which is more about coaching and getting the best out of the trainee. OK so shouting at trainees does still happen but usually in the field for obvious reasons.

I'd like to think the two instructors mentioned were guest instructors and not their actions are not the normal for the RTC staff.

The guest instructors we have are general mentored for their first few lessons having 'ghosted' a couple so they can see how it is no done and that its not al a Bad Lads Army.

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