TA Phase 2 (Worthy down)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Spindarella, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Hello all!
    I made a post on the AGC forum but thought i would put one on here to see if you guys could add anymore useful info!

    Im off to Worthy down to do my Phase 2 training in the not too distant future & was pondering over what to take apart from the obvious kit requirments (including pencils sharpeners & paper etc!!!) :wink:

    So any recommendations on what to take as this is my first course/training thats any longer than a weekend!??

    If anyone has done AGC trade training then any other useful info on the course etc. would be gratefuly recieved!

    Thanks in advance
  2. What Phase 2 training are you doing? Military Clerk or Pers/Fin?
  3. The pen pushers course. But good night in the naffi there, plenty of talent parading about. Thursday nights!!!
  4. Porn, LOTS of beer money, laptop+porn+DVD
  5. Im doing the Military Clerk course!

    Thanks for the advice from all of u...i think!
  6. A two week intro into the world of Basic Military Clerical skills.

    Take a sense of humour, some pens and pencils, a calculator.

    Be prepared to ignore all of your civilian best practice, or at least don't regale your instructor with "But at work!" or "At my unit!"

    They know it's not the same, but there's a set scheme they need to teach, so that all Class 3 TA clerks come out with a similar understanding of the way the Military work, so things like filing, handling of secure documents, how to find things in the Manual of Military Law or Queens Regulations get covered.

    It's not rocket science, and if you get a good group, it'll be fun. Be prepared for all ages and ranks to be on your course, as there'll be people like yourself who've just done your recruits course, to the older and bolder who've been in a while and are retrading so they can stay in to be even older and bolder.

    You shouldn't pick up any duties whilst you're down there. Try not to get caught with a bloke in your room if some one does catch your eye, as that generally means getting kicked off the course. If you can, take your own transport, as that means you can get off camp, and that's quite useful. Gym is quite good, the old BFT circuit isn't that bad if you like to run, and the NAAFI in the married quarters is better than the NAAFI on camp. PRI opening hours is good as well, if you want to get stuff like a stable belt, or Corps mug/pens etc. Worth asking the other AGC at your unit if they need anything from the PRI.

    The main thing is to enjoy it. It's your Class 3 course, so have fun.
  7. Cheers Mr Relaxed. Figured it wouldnt be rocket science. Office stuff isnt my line of civi work anyway, so 'The Army Way' will be 'The Way'!

    Sense of Humour is packed already! Thanks again.
  8. 24 hour shopping there I believe...

  9. Done mines about 2 years ago before re-trading, Be prepared to do a bit of homework most nights and the weekend, Never got any duites whislt I was there however you have to parade with the regular recruits 2 a day and make sure your kit's ok as one lass got show parade.
    most of the course is geared towards working in a regular unit you will cover such interesting subjects as pioc,mill law ect one of the things we mentioned about the course at the end was that we all felt the course wasnt really relevent to TA as we normally had to deal with processing recruit's paperwork ect. This had been mentioned before aparently by various other courses and the course was supposed due to be changed slighty.wither it has I dont know still had a cracking time though deffo go by car if you can I'd recomend visting the Tank muesum at \bovington if you get the chance as it's about 1hr from there and a good way to waste a Saturday :p
  10. ive been on my B3 clerks all arms course in november 05. Its a good laugh dont stress about the home work its nothing to worry about. Make sure you have your beer tokens coz you get friday night till monday morning off (well i did). My instructer was sgt cadel your quids in if you get her she was a good laugh. your joining instructions say to take guard duty stuff like webbing and stuff like that, take it but you wont need it, dont bother about taking munchies coz there is a spar shop on camp, you dont really need a laptop but if your unit is willing to lend you one TAKE IT coz if your unit is like mine you will never see it again..... the kariokie night (i know that not how you spell it but am not a good speller so give me a break) :oops: its a good langh but try and miss it by all mean's. I was lucky a just cought the end of it coz we got to go to the theater to see scrouge with shane ritchie in it with the regs as a treat only cost £1!!!!!!!!!. a cant think of anything else you will need apart from pens, pencils, high lighters, NO TIP EX. You wont need foldiers coz they provide them, Just about forgot DONT FORGET YOUR NOTEPAD.......
  11. However winchester is sh** on the p***! On a weekend closes at about 1 am due to some stupid law dating from years ago! Not good head elsewhere my advice!