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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spankmahonie, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. joined up with an armoured TA unit locally, and started on phase 1 training last august but on weekend 3 i failed to turn up as wife was ill so had to look after my sprogs, which pissed me off a tad but hey it does happen to us from time to time, anyway i thought i could just rejoin the next weekend 3 when it comes up next, but thanks to my lovely O.C he said it was REG policy to start again no matter what weekend you are on if you miss one.So i was pretty pissed by that stage.
    Anyway my question is does any other reg out there make you start again like i had too? or have i been stitched up? feel pissed at the unit really cause we never seem to do bugger all at the best of times anyway so is it worth changing to another unit who do seem to actually cover a lot of stuff, or just put up with it?
  2. Only weekend 3? I did 1-6 missing out 5 as i had a drama at home, did weekend 6 no probs after being told it was ok, only to be told weekend 7 wasnt going to happen as i had failed to stay with my original course. They way the training was done was changed and i got told, to start all over again at weekend 2. This is why im off to do the condensed course for 9 days starting friday.

    I asked all the relevant people at my unit and basically got told tough.
  3. Thanks for the reply, yeah they knew the situation at home ( mrs and kids to look after) but tough shit,but even now im finding it really difficult to fit in the 6 week course even though i joined them last may due to various dates in which i cant attend due to other commitments, and the ******* still wont budge, am thinking of transfering to another armoured unit closer and see what happens.I complained to the s.sgt about why our unit never cover anything useful, ( since last may i learnt how to pack a landrover ready for a 2 week camp) yippee. Kinda wasting my time here really.Other lads on the training weekends told me they covered everything every week.HMMMMM time for a change i thinks!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Family -> Work -> TA
  5. just remember mate, family, work, ta ;)

    Seriously though if you dont feel you fit in at your unit, maybe your better off looking for something different. In my experience the lads shouting it up on phase 1 are normally infantry guys who as im sure you know are getting used quite alot at the moment so often fall into there unit doing stuff with there Reg counterparts. The signals squadron i was with did very little and due to there role, deploying was difficult to say the least. Now ive rebadged RE im hoping things get better although the admin seems to have gone to pieces at the moment so im just seeing how it goes :)

    i hope you dont have to go too far to do what interests you!
  6. beat me to it msr ;)
  7. Cheers bud, gonna take a look elsewhere, had enough of pushing brooms around at work let alone in my spare time too
  8. I'm currently going through phase 1 training also.

    I was under the impression that if you didn't attend for more than 1month then you would get back squaded.

    TBH - i've never been that situation as we are only being sent down once a month anyway, so i make sure i am available them weekends. (obviously i know circumstances have meant you can't make it).

    Either way, nobody seems to know whats going on.
  9. I think the main problem with Phase 1 is that the rules keep on changing and do not get filtered through to the units. Some rules get bent for some units while others get shafted.
    I had to do phase 1 three times due to admin feck ups. My paper work went AWOL when I transferred units as a recruit, did winter challenge to catch up then had to start all over again because my CMSR was 2 days over the 6 months. The fact that the previous two CMSR's where full did not get taken into account and back to the start I went.

    Personally I think the TA so have Training Units where the recruits go to until they are trained THEN sent to their chosen units. This will eliminate any miss understandings with the ever changing rule book of Zog and speed up training times, help with retention.
    I might even fill in a JGEM thingy with my idea! :)
  10. Effing pain in the arse, makes me think whats the bloody point!
  11. You only have to wait until the weekend you missed is run again, in our case every 6 weeks. What RTC are/were you attending?
  12. If you read at the start i was told i had to start again fella.All im saying is im in the Armoured regiment.During weekend 2 we had a lad who couldnt attend weekend 3 and he was told by an officer he had to attend weekend 2 again and then crack on with weekend 3 as normal but my unit said i had to start again.Real piss take too.I was attending 6 Rifles RTC in Exeter.
  13. Bloody hell, why didnt my unit know this???? FYI i initially attended strensall, back there again to do the next condensed course.

    If this is procedure i really hope someone who has some influence over how units get there recruits to phase 1 because some are obviously sitting in the dark.
  14. I'm following this thread with interest. I've just completed w/e 2 and w/e 3 but won't be able to attend further weekends at RTC again until sometime into March due to work and family committments.

    I'd already discussed with my unit (before attesting) that this would be the case, due to working shifts away from home. Was essentially told that I can just pick up the next w/e that is running over dates I can make and carry on from there....Unless I've missed something in what I've had explained to me.

    That was also the view from my training platoon sgt when I discussed the fact I wasn't coming back to do w/e 4 with the rest of the guys in two weeks time. I'm going through Phase A at Strensall so I don't know if different Brigades have different expectations.

    I've just remembered whilst writing this that there were 2 folks on my w/e 3 who did their w/e 2 in October/November time last year so it looks like that the 'pick up where you left off' thing does seem to work up our end...

    Given a choice, I would have done the 2 week consolidated course but sod's law is that they are running it from end of this week and I'm at work for the next 14 days solid.

  15. It was brigade that told my unit to make me restart after they initially told me i was ok to complete. The course is 9 days btw ;) Unlucky on the work front though i had to jump through hoops with my employer to get back in time for the weekends ( 120 mile drive home at 4pm to be at my TAC for 1930 latest) they didnt want me to leave early :(