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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Guys, I look at this forum and see its far, far too serious. Too many questions on joining, and arguing about how fit we need to be this year.

    Hence, I thought I'd start a thread to pay tribute to those life and soul of the party types, or just plain muppets, that make life more interesting.

    Drunkards, Sex-Pests, Animals, Muppets, Mongs, Biff Recruits, Phys-Animals, Phys-Biffs, the lot, lets hear about them and inject some fucking life into this forum!!!!!

    Remember PERSEC though!

  2. msr

    msr LE

    That's what the NAAFI Bar is for...

  3. The reponses provided just underline the point.

    The forum referred to oddest recruits.

    I agree this forum does take itself too seriously. Do you think members of the TA wish to throw themselves to the lions of the NAAFI bar?
  4. Underlines what point ?
  5. This forum is too serious....lighten up
  6. Exactly yater_spoon. If you have a look in the Sappers forum, its probably the best balanced between work and play on ARRSE.

    Its a bit serious in here!
  7. I can think of a Rugby Playing Engineer who whilst on his TAF's paraded around the block in Mess tin and flip flop order, announced his rubber fetish for the S10 resi, Stapled beer mats to his forehead, Then on his feed back form complemented one of the DS SNCO's for having 'a cracking arrse'

    I think the phrase 'Course Character' springs to mind :)
  8. Hope the DS was female :D
  9. That depends on your definition of 'Female' :lol:
  10. Some TA take themselves to seriously anyway. I agree with P there does not seem to be as many characters around these days!
  11. anywhere else, the word "cunt" would come to mind but I suppose the TA are more forgiving.
  12. Are you in yet?
  13. Can I contribute if I wasn't TA?
  14. Yes arby does (hee hee, sorry mate)