TA PDT? thoughts and ideas.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mincer, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    Over this year my TA unit have conducted thier own PDT for the guys going on OPs. Its been mainly focused on weapon handling, with a selectiong of weapon systems used on OPs getting everyone up to the same level etc etc. Its also held a number of weekends on learning about the afghan culture, new kit being introduced and a number of physical tests to make sure the guys joping to deploy are at the correct standard. We have also done a number of exercises to test what we have learnt. Personally i've found this really helpful, one reason is its got all the guys deploying to get to know each other from all the different companies. Secondly its made sure everyone is at the same level when we get to a regular unit. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same within thier unit?

    P.s. sorry for the shocking spelling and grammar
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Expect to see a formalised version of unit level PDT hitting a TAC near you soon (certainly for Inf units, but it is likely to be developed and rolled out wider).

    It was trialled for H13 with 4 Para taking the lead for the training of a cohort of 250+ soliders from a variety of units (4 Para, 2 R Irish, 4 Lancs, 7 Scots, Londons and a small handful of others). They will also be leading the H15 build up, building on the experience gained on H13, and fine tuning the process for subsequent cohorts to follow.

    Each unit conducted a large amount of the training at unit and sub-unit level, with individual training records kept to enable TMs/COs to have a clear picture of who had done what. Post RTMC, the cohort got together for a 2 week package of OPTAG and LFTT at Thetford and Brecon. The idea was to deliver a cohort to the receiving Bde (16 Air Asslt in this case) who had all achieved the same TOs to the same standard. These TOs were designed to go some way to closing the capability gap between the newly mobilised TA soldier and the regular soldier who had been doing build up training for 6 months at least before the TA joined them.

    Overall it worked well, but it did highlight the lack of consistent approach to training and the completion of training records - it was blatantly obvious that some people had never even attempted the ACMT/ACFT that they had been signed off for. It also highlighted that there had not been anywhere near enough work on TTPs before OPTAG - they were running it as an evaluation, we needed it to be run as a training package.

  3. So soon? I take it you will be running it for another bde's deployment.

    Is this on your own units OCP?

    We are not due again as a unit until H18.

    If you need a hand you know where we are! ;-)
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sending a small cohort (a platoon - you know, roughly the same size as some TA units have managed in total over the last 7 years!) on H15, prior to the main build up for H18 as well. A lot of the guys earmarked for H15 are ones who just missed the cut for H13, but want to get back on as soon as possible - missed too much of the PDT, G1 issues etc have resulted in people who were keen to go being knocked back.

    I think that part of the reason we are running the H15 one is to iron out the few wrinkles identified on the H13 build up rather than handing the process over with a list of "could do better" notes attached to it to the lead unit for H 15.
  5. Oh ok.

    Do you have any idea which Bde is going in H18 yet? If you know you can PM me please.

    Speaking (bluey) to a couple of blokes in Bde HQ at the start of the week and the guys are all doing a great job (4 para and 2 R Irish anyway - don't know anybody in the other units so don't care really) .
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Look for the permanent smokescreen and you will find the location of all SNCOs from 7 Scots! Not sure on the H18 Bde, will check.
  7. Are these PDT weekends the DIE? My battalion has been doing the same and our annual camp consisted of 2 weeks LFTT day and night and full skill at arms and ACMT on the UGL, LMG and grenades. When doing the hard graft of section and platoon attacks over and over you really get to know people well in different companies and get closer to your mates in your own unit. However my only rant is some of the DIE has been a bit bollocks, some weekends involved stagging on with no really purpose to get ticks in boxes.
  8. ^Then its not actually DIE, which AIUI is pretty tightly mandated.
  9. Seriously?....... Bloody hell (although... and some probably worse if you do not count vicious front line Cyprus) , I assume that has been noted and will be dealt with in the RFNR (reserve forces new review)
  10. Thank God you explained the acronym. Until then I thought you had said too much and someone was smothering you with a pillow.