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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by london999, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Recently joined TA, I have not been paid yet but heard all sorts of stories about pay. What shall i expect? Do I get paid for every evening and petrol to and from TAC. Also with Phase 1 training coming up will i get paid shortly after. And when should I expect my first pay?

  2. I've been in for nearly ten years and havn't been paid since June. :(

    JPA says no!
  3. You will get paid and don't call me shorty.

    Joking aside, the length of time you'll wait before being paid can vary enormously and seems to be at the whim of JPA and various other beurocratic entities. Some have no problems at all and others can wait six months or more. Your unit clerk or PSAO should be able to help if you do experience problems.
  4. Lots of threads on pay if you search for them.

    However TA pay is like making love to a beautiful waman.....

    No, TA pay is like a woman. Fickle, rare, in great demand but when you get one you just spunk it all away.
  5. More likely your staff are shit if it's just no pay at all I'm afraid.

    Really I find it "amusing" that people are still having basic pay problems, not promotion pay etc.
  6. Amusing is not a word I'd use.

    In the last two weeks, I have come across 4 people who have not been paid for several months (one not since JPA came in), and quite senior individuals at that.

    The question that immediately springs to mind is

    'WHAT F*CK*NG PLANET ARE YOU ON!!!!!?????'


    NO pay, none of my time. Whilst I remain firmly of the opinion that you shouldn't (I appreciate some do) do it for the money, if you've given of your time, then the system is duty bound to remunerate you in line with the Terms and Conditions of service. Image if General Fortesby Smythe of X Div wasn't paid, or his kids fees went unsettled (embarrasing apart from anything else) - do you think he'd soldier on for months on end with no end date in sight? - I think not.

    GET A GRIP those that haven't been paid and request a CO's interview, write to your MP, ring the local paper - get it out into the public domain and then see how quickly it get's fixed.

    It is nothing short of a scandal that people aren't paid and only slightly less of a scandal that they keep coming in.....

    rant over.

    Deep breaths....

  7. simple, transfer to my place and have much more fun as well as getting paid ontime.
  8. You can assume from my comments that I'm getting paid too.
  9. The Psao at dumbarton is always on the ball same can be said for the man from Dundee never had any complaints heard about either of them when it comes to processing pay on time
  10. Just out of sheer interest. Anyone got any clue's as to the next pay run for November/December. In the past money has randomly turned up in the bank between Christmas and New Year, but I suspect JPA may do even more interesting things!!
  11. You've missed November, that was in Bank 1st (read 3rd) of December.

    For December; 19th December (2200 hrs)
    Attendance Based Pay Cut-off for inputs

    20th December
    Attendance Based Pay Run

    2nd January
    Payment Date - Reservists

    What reasons have they been given out of interest?

    Really basic pay issues for TA shouldn't be happening..we've just recruited 110 people, 90% of them were paid from the Nov pay run, just one month after joining.. The other 10% weren't paid because TRHA is a piece of **** and their records didn't activate but they have been fixed now and will be paid from this month onwards..
  12. Probably because you haven't paraded at your own TAC since June - slacker!!!
  13. Thanks there. I got Novembers in the bank no worries, just wondered what this year was going to be.

    Last question. What's the real excuse for such an early cut off date? I can understand a last Tuesday night or very last weekend but I can't understand why it seems to be as early as the 16th in each month? I've worked in Civi jobs where overtime pretty much up to the last week in the month was paid in that that month's pay packet.
  14. What PSAO in Dundee is this that had no problems?

    Certainly not mine ;o)
  15. Dumbarton + Dundee = 7 SCOTS

    Perhaps your man is performing in the "caretaker's flat"