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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mag_to_grid, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Having recently left the regulars and after a short break of 8 months or so I have decided to join the TA. I am entering the same corps as I was in when I was regular and I have been told that I will keep my rank etc however will I stay on the same pay, keep my yearly increment level (I was on the highest level) and my accumulated LSSA days and rate too?
  2. I believe the answer is yes, although you will lose your X factor(13% if memory serves).

    You will also go straight to the max bounty and that is currently 1.5K
  3. Nice one devilish, good news about the bounty too, was something else that I was wondering about, not that im doing it for the money of course!
  4. On the same subject, will you get the max bounty if you have been out for too long (too long to go in at old rank) even if you have done the time in the regs ?

    I'm guessing not but would like a second opinion
  5. No to max bounty if you have been out too long I'm afraid to say. I was out 11 years and had to start from scratch.
  6. You won't lose the X-Factor. It will just change rate from 13% (Regular X-Factor) to 5% (TA non-home reserve X-Factor).