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TA pay


I've just transferred from the OTC to the TA proper.... and having been fed with the proverbial spoon for entirety time i'm a bit naive about the whole claiming pay etc...

When claiming for pay on a individual pay sheet (as i've been told to do) do I put the hours I actually spend at the TAC or the hours including travel (as at the moment i travel 1 hr either way)?

Also, is it the done thing to claim for car usage for training nights and weekends for travel to and from the TAC?

Many thanks,

Claim for milage for car, time paid for is time worked so don't claim for travelling to the TAC or else we'd all pick TACs miles away and make a killing for driving around. If you turn up at TAC and they send you to drive somewhere else then you're working, ie going off for a course.

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