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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Paymaster, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know how TA pay is to be input post JPA Go Live. It was my understanding that that part of UNICOM would be effectively switched off but I can find no reference to TA pay in any JPA documentation. FORGE does not seem to be capable of being and input generator and I have no experience of Blenheim.

    Anyone got the gen?
  2. It is planned for Phase 3 rollout (Army). However and it's a big however ther are still many issues to be resolved and decions to be made that's proberbly why you have seen nothing in the JPA documentation.
  3. So are you saying that TA attendance and therefore pay will be recorded on a JPA module?

    Where did you find this out, is there a link?
  4. No. I'm saying that it is still be decided how it will be done but imagine when they decide another set of bespoke 'extentions' will have to be built to add on to the COTS package. It is intended for phase 3 but not yet decided how. The only thing going for it is that I would expect phase 3 to slip at least 6 month - 1 year.
  5. Hard to believe what we had 30 years ago when it was just the mainframe & paper and then PAMPAS. Who would have thought back then that things would backwards with technology. UNICOM / FCPS / APC / JPA.
  6. Thank you but that doesn't solve the problem of what happens to TA pay after 27 Nov 06 until any upgrades to JPA take place. :?:
  7. I'll Pm as soon as I know.
  8. Surely somebody must know...............?
  9. The blind following the blind?
  10. We have been briefed that JPA will be coming in in Nov 06 (Oh yes and FAS TA is being announced in Dec 05!) but the detail of the rollout is yet to be decided.

    In discussion we seem to think this is another system where the TA has been tacked on without much consideration to our strange country traditions.

    As I understand it each time a soldier trains he has to log on to JPA in order to book in for pay RPOD etc. A log in would involve sitting at the terminal, inputting username and password, updating details and logging off; maybe 2 minutes if swift. Imagine this with 40 TA personnel on a Tuesday night - 80 minutes minimum to book in for 120 minutes training? I know it sounds barking but if it is a system written for regular soldiers who maybe need to log in once a month these issues may not have been looked into.

    The next TA issue is, again as we understand it, that JPA will not accept a pay claim for a soldier unless the training event has been projected for by the unit Training Major. This will mean an end to getting TA personnel in at short notice for almost all tasks; and how do you claim for time spent planning training, conducting your 7 days of MK1 etc?

    Of course I could be wrong and JPA could be introduced in a fanfare of trumpets to transform our reservist lives into administratively painless joyfests; faultlessly processing our abundant pay without delay or complaint and breaking the shackles of overworked PSAOs and pay clerks.

    We'll just have to wait and see!
  11. The wait won't be that long; there should be a lot more than one terminal per TAC. My TAC is scaled for double figures.
  12. So what do those of us who train away from TACs do ? I know of some specialist sub-units who rarely train anywhere near a TAC. Equally, for nationally recruited units there are many (including myself) who can't get in during the week to attend the training evening. How then do we administer ourselves ?
  13. Very good question o_o_t_s.
    Heard that they're considering some kind of online access but that's a long way off cos it would make it too usable for the TA. :wink:

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  14. FFS ! We cannot get IT kit to actually do work on but will get shed loads for Admin ?? - and surely JPA should just be a package available on all terminals once DII rolls out....

    Am I right in thinking JPA is based on the same software as the civvy HRMS and also used by a load of civilian companies ? If so some of them must have part-time workers and so have faced similar problems ?

    It must also be capable of working with hourly paid and flexi-time systems too.

    I await its introduction with a bit more optimism, knowing its based on COTS rather than another one-off built especially for MoD.

    God knows how people have put up with UNICOM.
  15. It's the ORACLE HRMS COTS package used by many civilian companies. However, British Gas for example have about 10 'extentions' built, which are add ons to make it more adaptable for theire use. JPA are currently on about 250+ extentions effectivley making it a bespoke package rather than COTS. :evil: