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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 4Para, Apr 4, 2003.

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  1. 'ello,

    Just wondering how TA pay works out. What is considered to be a 'full day'? (How many hours etc) and what is half a day? I didn't even know the TA guys got paid to be honest until they told me when I went to join earlier in the week. Show's how much I know  ???
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Same sort of scales, I'm a new punter with the TA and it seems to be the same as I got as a regular!
  3. I'm new to the armed forces all across the board, so I don't even know what that is.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Where do I start?

    Nominally, we STABs get paid the same as the Regs.


    We do not get x-factor, which is a good few percentagepoints, nor do we get the same 'experience' increments - i.e. there is no 9-years-plus pay for an experienced soldier.

    For a drill night we get a 1/4 day's pay, plus travel (up to 30 miles, normally) at PTR (Public transport rates).  IF you have to miss a meal, on a drill night you can claim a TEA (t?? Expenses Allowance) of a couple of quid - but that is pretty tightly controlled as a rule.

    For a weekend, from 2000 Fri to 1700 Sun we get 2 1/2 days pay.

    A 'full day' is anything between 8 and 24 hours - it's all just 1 day's pay.
  5. I always thought "TEA" on a paysheet just stood for tea, as in, your evening meal?

    Oh, and dont forget your annual bounty, which peaks at £1250 after 5 years service (Starts at £450).

    That reminds me, has anyone go theirs yet? Cos I haven't.

    Bloody Glasgow!!!   :mad:
  6. i think it's up to £1360 for this year.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    For all real saddos...

    TA Regs, Ch 7 give it all.  Annex F is a flowchart of what PAy to claim.  Annex G is a flowchart of TEA (Training Expenses Allowance) and Residence-to-place-of-duty claims.  Both v. useful - get copies printed on your Coy noticeboards.

    As to Pay, we are much, much cheaper than Regs as:

    a) we don't (generally) know as much :D
    b) no Quarters, accom, free dental nad med care
    c) no X-factor (currently 13%)
    d) - biggest of all - no pension.  Reg pensions are currently assessed as being worth 18% of pay per year for ORs, and 33% for Officers :eek:  (Typical Civvie pension scheme - 'good' one like civil Service - is around 12 - 14%)

    But quite a few TA genuinely aren't in it for the money.  Plenty of my blokes lose £££ by doing a weekend.
  8. I'm a class 2 lance jack rad op, I'm on about £48 a day.

    Ive heard that the bounty's gone up, but no sign of it yet....our clerk told us it would be in straight away, but as usual he's pi$$ed off on holiday so we can't pester him about it....  ;)
  9. oh yeah, and we got told you can only claim TEA if you travel from your place of work to the barracks, and if you claim that you dont get normal travel expenses.

    No idea what it stands for!
  10. bounty -today or tomorrow.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Dear All,

    People seem to be making a meal of this (geddit!!??). TEA = Training Expense Allowance

    1) You normally travel from home to the TAC. You travel from home to the TAC : Claim your normal mileage, do not claim TEA

    2) You normally travel from home to the TAC. You travel from work to the TAC : Claim your mileage on a 1771, and claim TEA

    3) You normally travel from work to the TAC. You travel from work to the TAC: Claim your normal mileage, and claim TEA

    4) You normally travel from work to the TAC. You travel from home to the TAC: Claim your mileage on a 1771, do not claim TEA

  12.             I dont know about you but i given up making sense of my pay slip years ago ! Money turns up in the
    bank at random intervals and random amounts
    and seems to bare no relationship  to the amount of training i do in the month  preceding  though the amount of  days mtd seems right by by end of year ???
    was told once that glasgow does reg then ta pay and if query  by regulars ta  gets put on back burner .
     glad to here no one else got bounty yet  :)
  13. TEA seems to be done on a unit by unit basis according to some of the responses on here!!!

    My unit, if you travel straight from work you can claim TEA (training Expense Allowance) my home to duty is about 80 miles round journey, work to duty would be 100, I just claim my normal home to duty and let the queen off with the extra 20 miles, but I do claim my TEA (£3.60)

    Bounties are to be paid between 01-15 April this year according to my Ch Clk but I wont be holding my breath or counting on it to pay for the goodies I just whacked on the visa!!

    As for rates of pay, check out the latest soldier magazine, it has a centre spread on the new rates of pay for regulars with a conversion table for TA, basically find the regular pay band you are on, multiply it by 100 and then divide by 113 to get the TA equivalent (ie reg minus X factor)

    I'm working on an excel sheet with the correction built in, will advise when it is finished, an dno I dont have too much time on my hands, I just get away with defrauding my employer (civilian) of about 10 hours work a week, how else would I get these feckin CR's written!!

  14. ps did you all know that if you do more than 117 MTD's in a trg year you are entitled to paid leave!!
  15. Thats why our place panics near the end of the training year and tells people there's no work during the week if you're off work  ;)