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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by delberto, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. why is it that the standard answer to queries as to when the TA pay will be in is " well you know you shouldn't
    rely on your pay being in at a certain time " ?
    well why not, that's the same as a mechanic saying to a driver " well you know you can't rely on the brakes working all the time ". a mechanic would never let that situation arise yet the AGC consistantly fail to provide with no comebacks....

    sensible answers required :wink:
  2. It's tradition.

    But you do raise a good point. When we first parade a vehicle, we check lights, horn, wipers, oil, coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid, electrolyte and tyres. But we don't check the brakes, even though we know they probably don't work.
  3. Unless you are going to recieve the money locally in which case it is entirely within the local RAOs hands when you recieve any payments, then there are 3rd paries involved over which they have no control. e.g. APC Glasgow.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid this is another area where the 'One Army' mantra is bollox. Your pay goes via the Company Pay clerk, then usually via the PSAO, to Glasgow. Regulars have a diffferent system, which, although prone to faults, tends to get things right as it's simpler - you are under contract to work 365 days, you get paid 365 days.

    There are several checks and balances in the TA system, required to reduce the chances of fraud, and I'm afraid that in my experience they are very necessary. Plus of course the MTD budget could be capped at any time, or your Pay Clerk go sick and not be replaced, or any on another 1,001 things go wrong (I know examples of the first 2 happening, for certain).

    Sorry, but get used to it - any system that relies on people putting in Pay Sheets, getting them countrersigned, checked, entered into an IT system (an IT system....) and then paid via another party IS going to have occassional delays.
  5. Sadly, Old Snowy is completely right.

    It's not helped by indifferent civil servants, undermanned desks at Glasgow, the complexity of the task in sheer numbers (have you been to Glasgow? - it's the biggest HR department I've seen) and of course the fraud issue. That said, it's about time that they did something about it - the issue of pay sheets and their submission is almost impossible to change. But they could get a lot smarter in terms of paying and being available for queries. Unless you are a civil servant or a PSAO, trying to get any info out of Glasgow is a nightmare.

    They need to understand that PAY IS IMPORTANT!!! - not simply another bl**dy process.
  6. TA pay has always been a pain in the arse

    Its a manual process we seem to have had since the dark ages

    The main problem seems to be people filling in signing on sheets incorrectly, these take time to be picked up - returned - corrected and re-signed by the erroneous party. Usually this will result in pay being late etc.

    The easiest way I could see for signing on would be to do it electronically with your mod90, that nice black stripe on the back must be useful for something !!!
  7. Must be something useful on it - last time I booked into an RAF base, they swiped it and it brought up all my details...now I don't even have to book in with the charming gate guard...
  8. According to the nice chaps from the DII pilot team that is exactly what is going to happen once all our terminals arrive. Of course our detachment's parent unit will not be on the pilot, so they will still be on pay sheets (I think) unless they happen to be visiting HQ.

    The system does actually work reasonably well in 99% of cases, it's just that when it goes wrong it goes horribly, beyond the realms of the universe wrong.
  9. My Regt have a cut off date for inputting attendance registers, 4th of the following month. Any received after that date get paid the next month, this way those who rely on TA pay receive it around the 14th of the month.
  10. I did a course in august, wanted to get paid in september so sorted the paperwork out before I left ( start date was mid aug )

    No pay for my course in sept but I did get paid for the 2 days in barracks

    No pay so far in October either, the paperwork was posted to glasgow but seems to have disapearred

    I suppose it will come in handy for christmas

  11. We're lucky we have an incredibly efficient PSAO, AO and AGC Pay Clerk. The AGC Cpl is pretty damn good at picking up schoolboy errors on the paysheet -and she'll hunt down the guilty so they can correct it!

    It seems to be when we interface with something outside the norm of drill nights, weekends and Annual Camp that it all goes spectacularly and horribly wrong. Mind you, that seems to of improved of late.