Ta pay

was wondering if you can help me out.
I'm a trained soldier, passed TSC A+B nearly a year ago.. but still on recruits pay. My PASO argues that until I have done a trade course my pay won't go up to trained solder pay. Would you know where I can get the proof in black in white that he's wrong?
It used to be that until you do your first trade course as in B3 for rlc. You were still counted as an untrained soldier. As such your pay wouldn't change until you completed it.
To the OP well you are really going to embarrass yourself as you will only get a pay raise on completion and passing your class 3 trade course, as you are now classed as a trained soldier but NOT a trade trained solider! If you want a pay rise get on the course and pass it!

Until you get a trade qualification you are but a mong, useful only for stagging on and pan bashing. I do remember when the new pay system came in with the High/Low pay bands, how I laughed as some adults above me who had been promoted purely to stop them whinging and had basic trade qualifications only, were actually on a lower rate as I was still on the Highest band for my rank with my trade qualifications. This worked out as pennies but still made me chuckle, and everybody, including the unit spastic got paid more than the subby.
ok fair dues, thats cleared that one up then.

trouble being that im REME pot Armourer... everytime my link comes through DII for security vetting whoever set it up fucks it up and i cant log in, bear in mind that its taken me 1 year of pissing seinor ranks off to even get that sorted. and i cant go on the class 3 course untill the vetting has been done. so ive missed out on two courses already and the class 3 armourer TA courses dont get run that often

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