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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hardi, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Last tuesday we were told that up until now we were being paid incorrectly and that this had come down from Glasgow. Essentially from now on, a friday will not count for a half days pay if work finishes less than 24 hrs later on the saturday, the thinking is that you can't get a day and a half for what is 24hours work. I have looked at TA regs and this would seem to contradict the pay flow chart, where it states that each days training from midnight to midnight should be considered seperately. Anybody else had this?
  2. So you owe the pay office loads of money, nice one.
  3. Submit each day separately. Glasgow will change their minds when the paperwork trebles.
  4. Doubt it, just more opportunities for them to f**k it up or for it to be delayed even longer.
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  5. Pretty sure the paysheet states

    2 hrs 1/4 day
    4 hrs 1/2 day
    8 hrs 1 day

    Perhaps Glasgow wants to have a quick squint at them.
  6. If what you've been told is true then a lot of people are going to be mightily pissed. Glasgow will never pass up the chance to claw over payments back so if you ain't being asked to repay anything I doubt it came from them, probably some throbber in your RHQ either getting twitchy over the MTD bill or miss reading something.
    Friday = 19:00 to 23:59, 4 hours
    Saturday = 00:01 to 23:59, 8 hours
    Sunday = 00:01 to finish, 8 hours (unless of course you finish before 8 am).
  7. I recall reading once that you cannot claim for more than one eight hour period in any 24, to stop someone rocking up at 1600, legging it at 0800 and claiming two days pay.

    No idea as to source.
  8. Brakes off yet underspend again, why should anybody be that bothered?
  9. That sounds fair, but the OP's issue was with a 4 hour and an 8 hour claim in a 24 hour period, each fully within two different dates.

    In fact, it doesn't sound fair, because the same rule would apply if somebody clocked on at 16:00, knocked off at midnight, went home, reported in at 08:00 and worked until 16:00. Two days' work for one day's pay?
  10. its correct I found this bit in a relevant publication that over rides the ta regs.

    Entitlement to pay should be calculated as follows:

    a. For a period of continuous attendance of at least 8 hours up to 24 hours inclusive, whether wholly in one day or partly in
    one day and partly in another, one day’s pay is to be issued. Only one day’s pay may be paid within a period of 24 hours so that, for example, continuous attendance from 1700 hours on a Friday to 1700 hours on the Saturday entitles the individual to one day’s pay
  11. What's the "relevant publication"?
  12. jsp 754
  13. Cheers. It doesn't affect me - they get my Friday evenings for free - but there are blokes who it will have a massive effect on.
  14. OK. It only affects you if you're only doing half a weekend. If you do a two day weekend (Sat & Sun) and turn up on the Friday evening, three days (changing at midnight) are considered, so no change there. In fact, it specifically states this in 04.0206b and is emphasised in 04.0206c. It's only if you turn up for a session of between 8 and 24hours that you get hit (04.0206a).

    Now I can see a flaw in this. Namely if you turn up on the Friday evening, say at 15:59 and dismiss at 23:59, you'll have done 8 hours and be entitled to a day's pay. You turn up again at 07:30 and dismiss at 15:30. You've got another day's pay. 2 days pay and you've slept in your own bed. (Adjust the times accordingly for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 day's pay on the Friday).

    If, however, you'd turned up at 15:59, stagged on all night and dismissed at 15:30, you'd only get one day's pay.

    Something clearly needs to change about this, though in reality, it only affects the likes of people who do a single night exercise.
  15. It will affect people who do things like drive recruits up to Catterik. If I was to employ some one work from friday 1930 'till 2300 it would be time and a half, the saturday would be the same, I wouldn't get away with saying to them I'm only paying you for the saturday as its less than 24 hours.