hi everyone am a redarse at this so please be gentle.cut a long story short ,i got oot the regs in 96.i joined the ta straight after.i got oot the ta in 02 for approx 6 months due to girlfriend hass.i moved up to scotland and joined a unit here.Was told due to me havin leavin the ta,i wd have to start me on recruit scales and that i would have to start at the bottom again on me bounty.Could anyone give any info on this.
If thats the case how can Ex Regs go onto full bounty straight away? After all you were only out for 6 months! We have had blokes join/rejoin after more than 2 or 3 years and go straight onto full bounty!
HI,TO be honest never thought of that,HOWEVER Iv tried to sort me pay oot loads of times but no joy.So iv basiclay telling the ta to ram it and decided to join the rauxf.Iknow i might get the same probs but at least its givin me the satisfaction of somehow gettin me own back.Bunch of pomme frits,
Why should Bounty be an issue? Didn't you join the TA for what you offer the TA, not what the TA can offer you??? Be grateful for what you get and stop f*ckin' whinin'!
ooooooooooooooooooo wheres me hand bag.So what your saying youl be glad to take a pay cut then....I think not.I do like the aspects of Ta life,but i cant live on bread and water alone.As for me bounty i know hand on me heart that i passed all me tests the proper way.I know personel who couldny run a bath let alone a bft.

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