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Does anyone here have probs with pay.. I think the TA pay system is the biggest joke ever. I am still owed money for exercises I done in Jan, and I only got £160 for 2 weeks in ... f**king Brecon! INSULT!

Do Glasgow get TA pay forms and use them as coasters for their tea and coffee cups?

Or is this just my busted up unit being fannies as usual?
It's probably down to your pay staff. Get a hold of his/her b*llocks and tell them to get the finger out. :roll:

You've earned it so expect it in return. :D
In a similar vein, can anyone explain why we're paid as "on appointment" when mobilised? After 2 Telics I still can't get a sensible answer out of G1 either at RTMC, or my parent unit.

It's another one of lifes annoyances, but the few extra quid a day (at a 4 yr increment) adds up over 6 months.. :?

STAB - Still The Armys Best... :wink:
Devilish , normally you'd be right, but the pay staff are absolutely bang on the button.

Same thng with bounties last year. I look forward to dramas this year. :roll:
I have given up chasing pay in the TA, really is annoying. I plan to return to the TA after I have done my regular service, will not be the same TA unit as I am just leaving!
I fcuked them all before... :p

nah seriously, never had pay problems, I know lads who have like but me personally, never...
Yeah sure they messed up my pay before!
But they gave me more then im supposed to be getting..
They still havent noticed yet and its been three months already :twisted:
Two points which may or may not help.
Cannon Fodder: If the army owe you money your unit should advance you the money. This then is repaid by you to your unit when you get it after they sort out the problem. CO's call, but it is legal and to be honest if you need it and the CO refuses it he is being a complete @@@@@r. I have seen it done several times. To be honest even if u can get by without the money say u need it. It is yours by right and make it the army's problem not yours.
When mobilised (I KNOW this is the case for officers and was for me last year) you should be mobilised at whatever years seniority u have in the TA at mobilisation. I would hope, but do not know, that it is the same for NCOs.
Foxtrot_Oscar said:
Yeah sure they messed up my pay before!
But they gave me more then im supposed to be getting..
They still havent noticed yet and its been three months already :twisted:
I'd bring it to the attention of the pay staff PDQ. You'll more than likely get a rude suprise one pay day when you find they've taken back what you owe them... it's a right pain in the arrse :!:
Extrader is spot on, just beware of your PSAO!! If you go to the top they get very twitchy and things sometimes get worse.
Speak to you AO and give them you dates of what you have worked and hand the AO and the PSAO a copy and keep speaking to them. Do not be shy after all it is you money and you have worked for it.
Speak to your Tp Comdr it is also his job to look after you welfare, that is why he gets paid!!
I had to suffer 9 months of no pay when I returned, so stick with it be polite and you will get the back pay.
Thanks for the endorsement eo quite right about crossing the chain of command, not to be recommended however.... eo also right about use your troop commander then if he does nought request andinterview with the Sqn Commander. However it is not the COs money and CERTAINLY NOT THE PSAOs it belongs to the imprest account (HMG the same fund the euro fighter comes from) so provided you are owed it by the system the regiment should have no probs loaning it to you whilst the problem is cleared up. As usual the judgement is when to go up the ladder; easy to say as a field officer, a much bigger call as a junior rank. If you have real problems do PM me and I will give u advice.
Good luck!


I was so ticked off with my unit that I spent a week visiting other units and it got back to my CO. We were in the field and the CO and RSM pulled me over so out came my notebook of complaints. The coy 2i/c soon scarpered when he realised what a carpeting he was in for. Coy deploying on ftx without wocs/modacs as to issue them meant opening the stores, constant pay snafus, all course requests being lost, piss poor psi's etc. I took 20 mins of q&a and he promised to sort it. He was the last reg CO before I left as a TA co took over. Fat little fanny who liked walking round on ex with just PNG.
I unfortunately damaged my left knee after scbc and that blew my ambition to go to 10 Para but that was only if I had a convenient job. I suppose eventually I got the army out of my system. Thank Feck said the wife! I never realised what extra grief she went through with me being away all the time!
If you've not been paid it's for one of a few reasons:

1. You submitted an Individual Attendance Register and there's something wrong with it. eg You didn't sign it, dated it incorrectly, didn't get an officer to sign, claimed for too much/too little.

That means it doesn't get put forward with the rest of the unit's pay sheets and then paid.

You need to make sure it's filled in properly, and the pay staff will help you do that if you ask.

2. You handed your Attendance Register to someone else who has put it in their in-tray and then not turned in for a few weeks, which is quite a common event.

If you know you're not going to get in to the TAC for a few weeks, then post it to the PSAO - he can process it, and get it signed off, if he has it.

3. The pay clerk was handed the Attendance Register too late for it to be included in the pay run. Remember, it has to be in at the end of the month! Not ten days later. Get the form in to the PSAO and he'll pay you. It's not a conspiracy.

4. You have exceeded your MTD allowance - your pay won't get processed if you're over on MTD's, in which case speak to your SPSI as he/she is the one who has to get an extension.

5. Pay staff are on hols/sick. In which case, that's a Unit wide problem, and not just individuals.

Best advice is to keep a diary note of what training you've done and then double check that with your pay statement. The amount of people at my place who don't check it from one month to the next, but just look at the amount in the bank...
This may shed some light. I think TA is classed as casual not part time labour! However if u go over the magic 117 MTDs (the number where they normally cap funny that!) u get holiday pro-rata'd at (MTDs done)/(365)*30 days, and u immediately get 10 days holiday ie even if u do 118 days it is (118/360)*30. You claim thses with your PSAO by putting in an AR for 10 days whenu dont train. Anyone who hjas done over 117 and is not getting this can PM me for more. I have recieved this holiday allowance twice in the past 5 years.
Medical I have no info probably as it is part time although I think u are looked after if u injure yourself on duty (which is why u must get AT as C1 even if unpaid).
Pension. My view is that whilst it is not meant to be a quid pro quo the bounty works out like that. In full time employwmnt u get a pension after 2 years therefore TA would have to do say 500 MTDs to be eligible. Plus given the high turnover the admin would be a nightmare for thousands of pensions worth about 200 pounds a year. HOWEVER
The average TA soladier officer is paid say 3-500 GBP a year. Say a pension contribution of 30% (the officer rate in regular army) gives 1000-1500GBP a year. A very rough equivalence.
Doesnt quite answer the qu I know.
You are not being dense at all. The Govt has brought in lots of legislation re part time working without thinking through the implications for the MOD. There are several cases going through the courts at the moment and the MOD reply is that TA are casual. Given the definitions of part time and casual within current case law this is bolleaux. Finian Manson has a case ongoing at the moment but it is still mired in which court has the authority to deal with it. Normally this matter would be dealt with by an Employment tribunal, but as members of the Armed Forces have no right of address to a tribunal the legal eagles have to decide who can deal with the issue.

MOD hope the matter will go away. It wont and eventually they will have to obey the law of the land, and it will cost them.
That isn't just the only problem with the pay.

When you do finally get them to admit that there is a problem, they still sit on their behinds and do nothing!

It has taken me nearly six years to sort out my pay and bounty, just because I did a tour!

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