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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. I'm reverting in rank for a number of reasons and the thorny subject of what will I revert to has cropped up, in terms of pay, I've guessed what number of stripes I'm going to wear with the aid of a powerpoint presention. I've used the wonder of the WWW and armynet to check TA Regs. and I think I should revert to my old level plus however many increments I should have had if I'd not been promoted. Am I reading this right or does it actually mean something else......?
  2. Your doing this out of principal or pay?

    We shouldn't be doing this for pay.
  3. Age.........I think....! will pm
  4. Get your PSAO to speak directly to APC Glasgow and have him get the chapter and verse on this.

    On a more personal note, I've never actually met anyone who has reverted. I've met blokes who were SNCOs, who resigned, gave it a year or more and got back in. Their promotion back to SNCO was quite often slow.

    Are you sure that you'll be happy with reverting? I know some of the blokes who got out and came back in found themselves with an odd sort of status, which some couldn't cope with. Quite often treated as a SNCO without the rank on their arm to back it up, and sometimes an awkward moment with the guys who had filled their spaces.
  5. I reverted, as did mates before and since.

    If you're not turning up so much, or putting in mgt time behind the scenes it means someone else is having to do the job. Let them have the rank and the job.

    Like most I didn't join for the rank, and it can be both a privilege and a chore. The fun of being back with the blokes is quite refreshing.
  6. That's the right point. I contract for a living, and when I'm working I tend not to have any time for TA, so I can't committ to TA as much as I feel I need to to do my job as Pltn Sgt properly, I have to be there every Tuesday and every weekend as Pltn Sgt or not bother at all......