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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tom9748, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. A quick question regarding TA pay grades,am ex reg,Para trained,Standard 1 signal trained.Joined the TA around 18months ago had to complete TA basic training as I was out so long.Once I had done the basic training course I put in for and passed TA PTI course am now a PTI at a recruit training centre however my gripe is Im on the lowest TA pay grade,Band 1 of 7 for a private soldier.What do you have to do to go further up the pay scale :? No smut please gents!!!! Begining to think Im being fucked over!!!!
  2. i think as an ex reg glasgow or/and jpa dont know what to do with your pay mate, i joined at the begining of the year after being out for 2 1/2 years and im on recruit pay and although ive been told itll get sorted i have had to provide pay slips to the jpa team!!!
  3. Your pay is based on the position you hold (bit like civvy life!)
    You may be qualified to jump out of a plane and work a radio but you are not holding a slot that demands those skills. I know what you mean and it is frustrating but it's all about trade qualifications for the job you are doing!

    Ask up your chain of command for a chat with your PC, he might be able to give you some good career advice.

    good luck it's a fun system to navigate :roll:
  4. How does that work for some and not for others then?, i know guys that have finished 22 years, left the regular Army one day and the very next day enlisted into the TA at the same rank and pay scale they were on as a regular.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Depends on how long you have been out. And even on the same pay scale they would be getting less in the TA as our X factor is 5%

  6. if you re-enlist into the TA within something like 30 days nothing changes.

    anything more, no chance.

    (though with most things it takes the TA more than 30 days to do something about it!)
  7. works just like a civvie job. You find a company (unit) that wants your skills (trade quals) and make them an offer!
    If they have an open slot, that has the correct rank requirments and the qualifications you have and they like you, then they'll make a deal.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I thought it was 3 years
  9. That can't be strictly true as i have done my time as a PSI and also SPSI and i know of cases where TA soldiers have been out over a year and come back in on the same payscale and rank, also as mentioned i also know regulars that have signed up well over 6 months after leaving.

    Perhaps that was pre JPA though? :)
  10. As for quals I had as a reg not really relevant (not in a airborne unit or a signaller anymore) however as a PTI which I was asked to go on by my new unit,I am now taking platoon sized groups of recruits for PT lessons every few weeks in Aldershot and all the admin that goes with it I would have assumed someone somewere would go "this man should be on a rate of pay that is comensurate with his responsibilities" or am I just a whiney ******????????? 8)
  11. In this case, sadly, just a whiney f*****. ISTR you have to be a LCpl to be a PTI, which would be commensurate with the responsibility, as you point out. Nothing more or less than that, though.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    On your own?

  13. No, you need to be one to go on the course, acting is fine, apart from the RMP the days of "instant tape" courses are long gone!
  14. The problem is if you were out more than two years as a jnco or three as a SNCO there is no recognition of former service until a waiver is requested to get you reinstated into previous pay grade and or rank.

    It needs to be done before enlistment so that your record is setup with the correct rank and level before JPA record is activated. If not, it takes the system forever to sort it out. It is a known problem, and if you are acknowledged as being underpaid, your RAO can arrange to give you EPIC payments to make up the difference until it is sorted.

    Talk to the RAO.
  15. In order to do the PTI course you have to be LCPL minimum,way round it local lancejack for duration of the course then back to PTE soldier as soon as course is over as you dont need to be a NCO to be a PTI.As for taking recruits for PT it is one instructor to 15 recruits,generally there are four or five instructors to cover lessons with one instructor taking charge and the others to assist so theres plenty of eyes watching them and allways ready and willing to start shouting :twisted: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!