TA pay for Feb

Folks, I was was putting in an exciting day of P filing at my TAC when we got a call from our (regular) RHQ. It seems ta pay for this month has been F@cked up again and we won't get January's pay until March. the Chief swears blind that it wasn't him so I am wondering is it only my regiment or is this a TA wide balls up?

Not TA wide, sounds like your unit admin is shoite.

However from SPVA: some personnel may have noticed erroneous Retro pay debits / credits on their January pay statement. This only affects personnel in a unique set of circumstances with absences prior to April 2008. SPVA are aware and working to correct the issue. Please watch this screen for updates.
Think it is army (TA) wide as our unit has had some paidd some not, some had some pay and some had too much. Fault with JPA we are told.
Unit not army...mine is in and mostly spent, Glasgow is always a good 'blame-hound' for poor unit admin.
Ours was in ok, which in itself is weird, normally at least a few f*%k ups
Its your unit clerical bods, mate.

Well ours is usully spot on and the fact that there are a number of ppl on here saying they have had problems with Febs pay and the fact they are from different cap badges seems to suggest that it is TA wide and not just poor unit admin. Our PSAO has looked into it and says its a JPA problem and he's not afraid to say its his fault when he makes a mistake.
If you read the replies, its a rare set of circumstances that has led to debits being made in error.

If the whole unit are not getting their pay, I'd lay money its a unit error.

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