ta pay for an ex reg


hello all,
i left the inf just over 2 years ago and have joined the ta, i was a reg for 5 years and have been in the ta a month now.
just got my first pay slip and i have been paid £8 and pennies for each ta night which would mean im on a day rate of £32 is this correct?
my csm also thinks ill get the full bounty paid in may although i have only been in for a month is this also correct?
thanks in advance
Your unit should have submitted a form to JPAC to set your pay level. Re bounty as an ex reg you don't need to do all the MATTs for the first few years -can't remember exactly which ones you do need off the top of my head (there is a DIN out there somewhere) but if you have only been in the TA for 1 month of the training year the most you will get is 1 twelfth of a bounty!!



Think ive got that DIN somewhere, you only have to do 4 MATTs as there is an exemption policy for ex Regulars for 3 years from their discharge date. Other exemptions apply also.
I thought I had!! Whoever is your Career Manager should asses the level you should be on from your prior service docs then submit a form to JPAC to have your level set where it should be. Probably RAWO - your AO should know.


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