TA Pay fiddling

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Top_Man, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. hyperthetically, what would a soldier do if he or she suspected that someone of a more senior rank was claiming for a days pay, and possibly not doing them ?? hyperthetically you understand
  2. Speak to the Chief Clerk, unless it is the Chief Clerk.

  3. Stop being a jealoous little cnut, one day you will be able to do it.
  4. If you believe they’re claiming days that they’re not entitled to, regardless of their rank, that’s theft, and you should report it as said above. Personally, I’d speak in private to a senior officer I trusted who’s not close to the suspect. Give the evidence accurately and impartially, and leave it in their capable hands.

    If you only suspect they might be committing theft – you could first explain everything you know to a person outside the Army who’s judgement you trust (Parents are usually good). They might tell you that what’s happened is normal, or give you confidence that you’re right to report it.

    I know that in the TA it is acceptable to claim (with permission) for working from home, attending a gym, or a driving lesson etc. by entering the amount you’re entitled to as e.g. ‘a full days pay’ on the pay sheet. Therefore a soldier may legitimately give in an individual pay sheet with a specific date and hours worked on it although they weren’t actually at the TA centre at the time.
  5. Hyperthetically ?

    I'd keep my gob shut and wind my neck in, seniors have usually got to be seniors because they are not thieving little gobshites

    Of course if you are willing to put your neck on the line and pay the price then go ahead and point the finger

    But remember shit rolls downhill
  6. If someone is on the fiddle then yes, it should be reported. However as picklepot points out there is a lot that can be claimed for, that the dates and times might get altered for various reasons (highly illegal probably but not thieving from anyone). Remember from Christmas to May Seniors/Officers have even more work than usual with reports to write and this will often happen at home. I refuse to believe that more than 1/100 seniors/officers are paid for more than they do, though I believe that an awful lot get paid a lot less.
  7. As said already they may be claiming for paperwork done at home lesson prep all manner of things, Keep your nose out of it!!! To be honest it sounds like your not telling us the whole story have you had other problems with the senior in question, did the nasty man shout at you or even heaven forbid make you do guard duty????

    In short if he is fiddling the PSAO or pay clerk will notice. Its none of your business and if you do report him even if right you will end up in the shit for undermining the rank structure.

  8. Whitenoise and Polar.........what a load of SH1TE! Your comments are the sort of uneducated, barrack room lawyer, sweeping statements that are down right B0LL0CKS!

    There are theiving scroat seniors who have just never got caught, we had a CSM who constantly ate in the mess even though he wasn't entitled to. Only after multiple complaints by the living in members was something done.

    If you have strong grounds to suspect someone is thieving (fruadulent claims count!) then a quiet word with an impartial officer is the best approach. He can either have a word with the individual or take further action.
  9. Come back when you have got your second uniform issued sonny
  10. As far as i understand all attendance sheets need to be counter signed by your unit OC, or nearest equivelant. He should therefore be the one that ultimately keeps track of all this so tread very carefully when proceeding. He is the last man you really want to upset..... well actually the last man is the regimental scarey monster.... bless im.... the man with many many extras.

    As has been mentioned before i cant think of 1 person in the TA seniors wise who is actually paid the full amount for the work that they do. I put in somewhere in the region of 20 hours a week un claimed for the TA during january due to courses i was running and courses that i was attending so it seems reasonable to assume that sometimes the pay sheets may not add up to what you think they have done that month. All this being equal there are some seniors (admittadly not that many) that are oxygen thiefs to say the least and get by on the very minimum. If the man you are talking about falls into the first category then i would suggest you leave it be. If he falls in to the second category then by all means have a chat to someone who is somewhat removed from your small bit of the jigsaw. they should be able to help you.... alternatively mail me with the details and i will bestow what little advice on the matter
  11. But then of course he could just leave, as he is TA. I know I would if I worked for someone with that kind of attitude.

    There are a few people on this thread who seem to give the impression that its ok to steal, if you are a senior!

    I worked with a few TA lads when I was in, and they all seemed ok... but if this thread is anything to go by, one Army my arrse.
  12. I have, over the last 3 months, put in 3 individual pay sheets for working at home. PSAO sanctioned it and only (as far as I'm aware) he and I know about it. So if someone happens apon those sheets, then I can see why it may look suspisious, by all means have a word with someone, but I can pretty much bet my 3 individual days that his is legit.
  13. Don't report it to your unit. You will find that it's probably that tight knit, it'll all backfire on you. If you have evidence to support your allegation, make a confidential call to your local SIB Det.

    Now, that'll upset some of you.
  14. I remember one of our full screws popping his head into the TAC everyday pretending to be working in the Troop stores, then going to his civi job. He was found out but no charges were brought! they did not want to bring any bad publicity to our Regt. He's still serving, brown nosed his way through the ranks, now an LE!!! Who says crime & being a Mason does not pay! What can you do, report him?
  15. Smack's of a bit of 'if he cando it why can't I. I would strongly suggest that the SIB are left of this this because if they do rock up they will look at everything and if they find nothing wrong then you are in a world of hurt. One question 'how can you prove that he was claiming without doing the work ???'