TA Pay - does it really exist?


Greetings all,

I have started a thread with the same title on the TA thread, but was told it might be useful to have it appear here.

Original thread went like this:

Having been in six months and paid out shedloads of cash to get equipped so I can survive courses and the like and despite the efforts of my PSAO - still no pay!

Poor chap has been to visit Glasgow and has been promised that it's fixed but nothing.

Not only that but now someone somewhere has decided that my NI number looks better when it's my date of birth and so it keeps getting changed (even though unit has correct details and keeps asking for changes).

I got a number for Glasgow but they say that I can't speak to them!

Other than strapping explosives to my chest and storming the building does anyone have any suggestions on ways of sorting this. I've tried the power of prayer but it seems APCC is in league with the dark side

Any help, advice or drugs would be gratefully received,


Any advice here or TA thread would indeed be welcome. My local admin people have been great but the world seems to be against them.
I have had exactly the same problem with the TA. Its been over 12 months and still no pay. Personally I think Glasgow so cash strapped that they are funnelling funds to the front at the expense of TA staff. I also know of at least five guys who have yet to be renumerated for there time.

Personally, I'm sending an letter before action and taking the c*nts to court. A tasty letter explaining the above to my local MP will also be in order.


Get in there. Not being paid for 6 months is outrageous but not having been paid for 12 is downright criminal.

Send your MP copies of all correspondence as well, if you have any. A letter to one of the decent papers wouldn't be out of order either.

Hope it all works out you.
From what you have said it sounds like you have been treated in a particularly sh*te manner and there is absolutely no excuse.

Get all your facts together and anything that you have in writing (espceially names), then put pen to paper. Option 1 is to write a formal letter to your CO complaining about the problem and requesting prompt action or a redress will ensue (nothing like AGAI action to get people on the move). Option 2 is a quick letter to Soldier Magazine.....a tongue in cheek reference to being at the end of your plank and on the verge of writing to The Scum, your MP, the PM etc etc.....I guarantee that you will get a quick answer (especially after General Freddy was only just telling everyone how much better things were up there)!

By all means go outside the CoC, but no matter how just your cause, someone with rank on their shoulder will take a dislike to you in the long run. IMHO save that COA for later when all else has failed.

By the way, if your CO had any b*lls, he would also be on the train up there so that he could park his arrse in some lazy senior civvy's 'in tray'.

Best of luck with it.
Get something down in writing-redress action is a great threat. make sure you keep account of all 1/4, 1/2 and full days-when I was TA before passing recruits course, they basically came up for with arough figure for days done and paid me that! Seek legal advice, and ultimately sue them. As TA you can be far more robust in your approach-don't be fobbed off.
i know of several blokes short a thousand pounds are two from the past year. as one of them said, id need to take a 2nd or 3rd career to manage my ta pay.
something released to the press at this stage could be very productive with all the recent reports of miss treatment of soldiers. it good hit them preety hard if you get lucky so its worth a try.
They have finally sorted my pay. This took a trip to Glasgow by my PSAO and more telephone time than was probably right or helpful but they have finally cracked it.

Have just done DII training and expect JPA to hit the building by the end of the year. This, they promise, will end such situtaions as have been reported here and elsewhere.



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