TA Pay - does it really exist?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Padre, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Having been in six months and paid out shedloads of cash to get equipped so I can survive courses and the like and despite the efforts of my PSAO - still no pay!

    Poor chap has been to visit Glasgow and has been promised that it's fixed but nothing.

    Not only that but now someone somewhere has decided that my NI number looks better when it's my date of birth and so it keeps getting changed (even though unit has correct details and keeps asking for changes).

    I got a number for Glasgow but they say that I can't speak to them!

    Other than strapping explosives to my chest and storming the building does anyone have any suggestions on ways of sorting this. I've tried the power of prayer but it seems APCC is in league with the dark side ;-)

    Any help, advice or drugs would be gratefully received,

  2. sounds very wrong indeed, but alas only by going to the darkside yourself will it ever change.

    Try posting this in the AGC threads and see if one of "them" can help.
  3. Can't help but I can sympathise; I worked the whole of August, 31 days, and for some reason Glasgow decided they couldn't be arsed to pay me. Result? Missed mortgage payment, missed credit card payments, charged for going overdrawn, and no idea when the money will turn up.

    Its utterly unacceptable. :x
  4. msr

    msr LE

    If you think this is bad, just wait for arrival of JPA then...

  5. JPA, that's a beer isn't it?
  6. ^ It will certainly turn you to drink when it arrives...
  7. Having just checked hereJPA explanation I now understand what you mean msr.

    If they get it to work I might be able to afford some IPA too.

  8. Contact you MP and ask them to raise the issue , always found this rattles a few cages if you have a half decent MP
  9. Padre

    Like yourself, beginning to wonder whether this "PAY" thing actually exists.
    As you know, been on the same courses as you and paid out the same silly money to survive/be nominally comfy and yet, cannot get a single penny out the system.


    And now the wife is starting to question all the money going out, with none coming back in return.

    Maybe after our hop round the factory later in the month we might finally get paid.

    Though, I doubt it.
  10. FJ,

    Just back and have received your mail. Also have set of photos (from different source) so will mail them later tonight.

    It's a pain when, as dog-collars, things are tight and there's no support for what we spend. Hey ho, looking forward to meeting up again at RMAS soon. Sorry you're in same boat as me.

  11. msr

    msr LE

    "JPA will provide a single, on-line management system, through which individuals will be able to electronically access their own records and apply for leave, expenses and allowances, and undertake other basic personnel tasks, whether they are land or ship-based, in the UK or deployed overseas."

    Will the helpdesk be open Tuesday nights from 1930-2130?
    How will attendance be verified?

  12. TA are classed as casual workers, expect to be paid casually. :evil:
  13. Maybe you're being paid what you're really worth?
  14. On the basis that we are all educated and/or Officers, what effect is this likely to have on recruiting and retention?

    Shame on the system.

    Train soldiers for war? Pay them properly first. How many do we lose because their expectations of a professional system are disappointed early on?
  15. lots, I would suggest.

    One of the principal reasons for people leaving is poor administration (exit interview survey), closely behind poor Drill nights (see other thread).