TA Pay - Do you rely on it?

Do you rely on your TA pay?

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Well, who relies on their TA pay, and what are the implications for you if it isnt in the bank by a certain date.......
No. However, i would expect an 'employer' the size of the MoD to be able to pay us on set and/or known monthly dates throughout the year as is the case with every civilian organisation i've ever worked for.
I don't rely on my TA pay for anything important like my Mortgage or Direct Debits and anyone who does is a bit foolish to say the least given that the TA is irregular work. I do rely on it to "up" my standard of living. Things such as meals/nights out, clothes, gadgets holidays that sort of thing.

The most important thing to me is that it's paid on time weather I need it or not!


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Hell no. It only shows up every six months or so. Would be a bit silly to rely on it.

Edit to add: Much like forniup I use it as a holiday fund. Off to Budapest in August after getting my pay since January this month.
Unfortunately I have been in the situation of relying on my TA pay for some time. However, I have now finished my years of study and am going back to the ranks of those who actually do TA as a hobby again!! Just as well with the current MTD's although I sure that some 18 yr old Trooper is now going to tell me how I should take it seriously as I may have to mobilise any day now...
Time was I didn't rely on it but having had some family issue's that required I bring in more money I have started to need it to be in the bank to meet monthly some monthly payments...this whole JPA pay/bounty cock up thing is seriously getting to me.
I thought it would be better to do more TA rather than get a part time position & possibly have to leave TA.

But as Gluck_AB has said I would have expected the MOD to have sorted things out before making a wholesale move to JPA....What would have been the consequences if large employers like BT, British Airways etc changed their pay system and then told their employees that there could be some "issues" with their pay? I think there would have been some serious consequences for the employer.

But still I wait & hope that pay & bounty will turn up soon....but I ain't holding my breath!!
Like forniup, I don't rely on it for anything other than upping my standard of living, that is until I attend a course or annual camp and have to take unpaid leave from my employer.
Then it becomes essential that I am paid on time as this is then becomes a part of my regular income.
To that end, the fact that I am still waiting to be paid for a course completed in February means it is having a negative impact on my life.
There must be people in the same boat who are struggling as a result?
I don't rely on it as such, but it is nice to have as a back up.. or at least it would be nice to be able to think you had it as a back up. I appreciate the hold up with the new pay system etc, but I know some have been waiting months, and they actually do rely on it (students for instance).

Edit: I should add that for the SC I will be relying on it, as I will be mostly on unpaid leave from work, and I need my savings to pay the normal bills etc whilst away..so that could be a potential problem
no, to be honest i never joined the TA for the money cos its not the best is it..

im in a decent paying job just now, and movin to better money at the end of the month.

i agree however that a firm the size of the MoD should be on the ball with regards to prompt payment..
I view it in the same way as overtime at work.

I don't rely on it, however if I know I have done the days I may allocate/spend it in advance based on in the understanding that the funds will be there at the end of the month.
hi.. i am new to the forum...

I am probably going to join the TA after the summer, if they let me in....mostly because I like this kind of experience and to be able to have served (in a way) at some point of my life... I am still at University and looking at the pay, I think I might be able to support myself together with the student loan..
So I was wondering, how does the pay work? it saids that the pay is per 1/4 day, does that mean 6 hours? if I go on a day in the morning till evening, does that count as 2/4 of a day? also, reading from the posts here, I take it they don't pay monthly? and finally,I was reading on the TA site and it mentions about this Training Bounty.. how does tht work?
not sure if this is the right place to ask but I thought you guys could probably answer that...

Being a student (although my days of studeing are rapidly coming to an end) I do rely on my TA pay and I was one of the only ones to suffer a bounty fuck up. Still not in :x
El_Burno said:
Being a student (although my days of studeing are rapidly coming to an end) I do rely on my TA pay and I was one of the only ones to suffer a bounty fuck up. Still not in :x
how did it got f'ed up? since your position seemed close enough to mine... excpt i havent joined...yet...
Kinda rely on it. But the problem this year with bounty etc has meant using the savings for the holiday deposit. As everyone has said why cant they garauntee pay by last day of the month or whatever like every decent employer.
The Territorial Army is not what it used to be a few years ago. It is not a hobby or "something to do". It is a second job/career. I agree that to rely on TA pay for mortgage or other direct debit payments may be a little foolish, I understand that some people may have to.

If a civilian employer decided not to pay its workforce on time there would be a walkout and the unions would be involved. When it happens to us... nothing!
I don't rely on it now, but I used to.
After finishing University I was at somewhat of a crossroads in life, and unsure as to what the next step should be. My unit were busy and there was always the call for manpower. This also meant I could get a couple of courses and annual camp in each year.
I relyed on the money for all my bills, but as I chose to live within my means and had very few overheads (no car, non-smoker etc) it wasn't a problem.
They needed the bodies, I neded the work, it worked out nicely both parties new it wouldn't last.
Now I am in the fortunate position that the TA money is my 'pocket' money. (I'm pleased to say all has now been paid!)
The only thing that reminds me I get paid from the TA is my payslip, I don't rely on it because it was never a consideration when joining.

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