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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bazzinho, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. My life is so empty that I started looking at the mystery which is when do we get paid. I looked back over the last 6 months, and it has been steady over that period. We get paid paid "the day before the 2nd Wednesday in the month". Or the 2nd Tuesday in the month, unless the 1st of the month is a Wednesday, then we get paid on the first Tuesday.

    This may only work for my regiment (33sigs) or brigade (42 NW) - not sure.

    This may have been put up before and I may just be slow in working it out.

    Obviously this doesn't take into account them actually calculating it correctly. Or the initial 9 month period as a recruit when they dont pay you anything and then it all comes as one.
  2. Ah, 9 months - that's how long I have to wait!!!

    Here was me thinking 6 months might be time enough
  3. You get paid a set period after your pay details are transferred to Glasgow by your unit.

    The regularity of your pay date is entirely based on the regularity of your units ability to download at or around the same day of the month - no consistency at the unit = no consistency by Glasgow.

    As for not being paid for nine months - OC, Adjt, CO or take the PSAO out into the car park and read his palm.
  4. Oh oh oh oh!!! :w00t:

    We got paid today, so the formula works!!!!
  5. Outstanding! 8)

    Thats Christmas back on track then!
  6. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    But can you predict when the 1771 for around 700 miles will go in my account? (submitted a month ago). I think my PSAO may need a gentle prod with a stick.

  7. AF O1771s are paid by the unit thru the Imprest Account and either by cheque or in most units by BACS payment. Once the Pay Staff have calculated the claim and put it on BACS it is in your bank account 3-4 days later. Claims of this nature do not go to Glasgow for payment. On the topic of TA Pay it is entirely down to when they information is sent to Glasgow. There is a pay run every Thu which generates a pay statement and the money takes up to 7 days to reach your bank account but usually inside 4 days. So if for example your last training event in November was on Wed 30 Nov and providing your PSI processed your attendance sheet it should be processed by the Pay Staff on Thu/Fri 1/2 Dec. This is then sent electronically (via UNICOM) to Glasgow and all being well will be processed on Thu 7 Dec. This money should then be in your bank by the latest 14 Dec but more likely by the 11th or 12th. It should not take 9 months or even 6 months to get your initial pay and if it is taking that long you need to complain.
  8. It is.
    We do.
    It makes no f*cking difference

  9. Agreed.

    Complaints are a weekly thing. Doesn't achieve anything. PSAO/Adj, no one seems to be able to make it move.
  10. When it comes it hardly seems worth it! because of the flat rate of Tax (high) I loose loads.

    I just got six days pay and cleared only two hundred pounds, thats sh**e for a Sgt on level 4 pay.

    I bet if they actually wanted to they could link the tax so we pay the right amount not a flat, over the top, excessive rate.

  11. I was under the impression it was taxed at the basic rate and that if you where a higher rate tax payer then you had to declare it on your tax return.
  12. Supplementary pay runs are not neccesarily every Thursday, though they are usually at least once per week. They are usually decided for the Year in January and dont change much. I could upload proposed dates for next year for you in a few weeks if you like.

    In terms of payments, the Glasgow side of life is pretty much standard and as the payment process is now electronic, is faster than it used to be, and it should take 3 working days. Unfortunately the BACS system still does not recognise weekends as workign days. So if the supplementary run is a Thursday, then your money should be in the bank Tuesday morning. The worst case scenario is if your unit dont upload quick enough and for example your training arrives on a Friday, it might then sit there waiting until the following Friday which is that weeks supplementary and so mot get paid until the following Wednesday. So a wait of 12 days :(
    But on the plus side if your training came in on a monday and Supplementary was Tuesday you would get your pay Friday. Clear as mud :D

    Supplementary dates for next few months:

    Tue 12 Dec. 06
    Wed 20 Dec 06
    Thu 4 Jan 07
    Thu 11 Jan 07
    Tue 16 Jan 07
    Thu 25 Jan 07
    Thu 01 Feb 07
    Thu 8 Feb 07
    Tue 13 Feb 07
    Thu 22 Feb 07
    Thu 1 Mar 07
    Mon 5th Mar 07 (Edited for being a mong with the calendar)
    “Here be dragons”
  13. See above regarding the pay runs to Glasgow. If you do not get paid it is your UNITS fault. Escalate the pay problem first through your Troop OC, then onto HQ and ultimately the CO if required. Pay is a vital element of the moral component and part of the Armys contract with you (see Gen Mike's comments last week) and it is the duty of management to ensure that it is both reliable and correct.
  14. On the subject of tax, the default if you produced no paperwork to the contrary on signup would be BR. The tax code after that is as told to Glasgow by the Inland Revenue, they cannot arbitarily change your tax code. If you are paying 40% tax then your code is D0 and that means you have either told the Revenue you have this job and your "main job" already puts you into the higher band, or the Revenue have got it wrong and you need to contact them. (Speaking from current experience, the revenue think I have 3 jobs and are currently taxing me at 40% on my "main job", when on reality I have an Army pernsion and 1 main job.) Unfortunately they are veeeery slow.

    As an aside, if you main job does already put you into the higehr tax bracket, then you really are better offf being on D0 as you wont need to complete a tax return at all because you are paying the correct tax. Paying on Base rate and then decalring it later is all well, and good if you can remember to put the money aside, otherwise its a pain of a big one off payment
  15. You work it out then. level 4 lower rate pay is around 74 pounds per day, I did 6 days which is around 444 pounds. I clear 202 pounds for six days. less than 50%.

    Higher rate or lower rate?