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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ifrits_ghost, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've had a look around and not found anything so I thought I would ask here,

    Can anyone tell me or provide a pdf about how and when pay rises happen,
    As I understand it in pay2000 their is no trade pay and you get an increment level when you get promoted instead,
    So if pte x is a class 1 when they get promoted to l/cpl will they be on the same pay rate as a class 2 l/cpl or will they get a higher wage class 1 l/cpl or will they be on the same as a class3 l/cpl and do you need to get promoted to gain each individual class equivalent pay rise?
    Also if they where a class 2 and as a l/cpl did there class 1 course do they need to wait till they are promoted to cpl to get the pay rise?
    And is the higher / lower pay band jump dependant on class or rank?

    In other words if you are a cpl class2 with no interest in promotion would you gain anything financially from doing the class 1 course, seeing as you gain responsibility?

    Or am I way of the mark

    In case you are wondering someone ask me how it worked and not having a clue i gave the party line "I am unsure but will find out..."

    Apologies for my lack of English skills today.


    P.S. this is manly with regards to Rsigs although they it should all be the same.
  2. Which signal bde as the rules are different between the two.

    On promotion you move to a different pay level (a minimum of 3.5% pay rise), each year you will move up a level provide you passed your bounty, that date is called your increment due date (IDD) which can be reset by a promotion (which means you can get some awful pay increases my last one as 20p per day)
  3. p.s. and which trade
  4. Under Pay 2000 (for the TA, not the Regs) there is no increment for passing your Class 2 (is for the Regs); there is an increment for passing your Class 1, so yes, your pay will go up if you do the course.

    See here for details of the Bands and Levels:


    As you see, a Pte promoted to LCpl jumps from whatever level he was on to Level 5 on promotion (if he was already on 5 he would go to 6).

    Hope this helps.
  5. Confused in my old signal regiment I went to high pay band after passing class 1, but in my current one soldiers goto high pay band no matter what class if the rank demands it.

    So one of the them is wrong then?
  6. Different trades have different bandings, also every few years the job weighting gets reviewed and the system is 'tweaked'. If you stayed in the same trade, rank etc, then you shouldn't (as I understand it) have changed bands when changing regiments - there's no logic for it, and it's not like your unit (regardless of capbadge) has any latitude to do things it's own way.
  7. 12 Sig Grp gives low pay band for RS operators if they are not class one and have relevant driving qual. 2 Sig Bde gives them High band if the rank demands it.
  8. Hi,

    Thank you for your responses,

    The query was for ED and Tech trades, in 11 Sig bde i think.

    I am still a little confused as a l/cpl is on the same scale as a pte but +5 does that mean if you are a level5 pte and get promoted you only go to the next level.

    I would also appreciate it if you could tell me which class or rank is in which band for the two trades.


  9. Can't help you there I'm afraid as I'm not a bleep. You would need to direct this to AGC serving in R Sigs units, as I can't find any info online about what trades fall into which bands at which ranks etc, whereas I'm sure they can quote you chapter and verse and provide paperwork to back it up!