TA, Pay 2000 and Increments

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Trossachs, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Probably a bone question - but can anyone explain to me how the Increments side of life works for a TA Officer ? In the old system you were paid "on appointment" forever, unless you did some mobilised or FTRS type "regular" service, which counted and popped you up the scale.

    Whats the score under Pay 2000 ?

    ( Personal interest - started a new FTRS contract and I'm being paid a level less than I was on at the end of my last stint! Aside from that my pay has not been right once in the last 5 months. I think APC must be run by Gunners. They have bracketed the target a few times, I'm hoping I'll get "Fire For Effect" next time round - a few months of "Burst Rate" would help sort out the mortgage...!!)
  2. Just to help ease your worries, I've not had an incriment pay rise since we started this system, somthing to dto with being max at my pay range.
    Any thoughts anyone....
  3. Just to help ease your worries, I've not had an incriment pay rise since we started this system, somthing to dto with being max at my pay range.
    Any thoughts anyone....
  4. your
    has set off many alarm bells in my head... I'm going to continue on the assumption that this is not a wah although I have my doubts...

    We'll not get into the whole why the hell has it taken you 5 years to try to understand pay2000 and what sort of advice have you been giving the soldiers under your command since the system was adopted, I think those two particular questions are best left to your own conscience (err spelling???)

    Get your last pay statement, top right corner will be your 'inc level' and 'IDD' (Increment Due Date)
    {editedby H_d_T as being an horrifice I can't always get it correct when given a 50:50 chance between left and right...}

    every officer grade is split into levels reproduced below


    Lt+4 Level 10
    Lt+3 Level 9
    Lt+2 Level 8
    Lt+1 Level 7
    Lt OA Level 6 (On Appointment)
    2Lt Level 5
    (Level 4 not applicable to army)
    SSLC+1 Level 3
    SSLC OA Level 2
    Off Cdt Level 1

    Capt +8 Level 9
    Capt +7 Level 8
    Capt +6 Level 7
    Capt +5 Level 6
    Capt +4 Level 5
    Capt +3 Level 4
    Capt +2 Level 3
    Capt +1 Level 2
    Capt OA Level 1

    OF3 - as for OF2 but for Major
    OF4 - As for OF2 but for Lt Col

    so to work out what your increment should be you simply find the table relating to your rank, then however long you've been in that rank will determine what level you are.

    For Lt and above your increment should come every year until you reach the top level for you rank.

    does that answer your question?
  5. I'd never ask a officer a pay question, I'd ask a clerk

    1988 turned 17 1/2 £10 per day rise

    LCpl £10 per day pay rise

    Cpl £10 per day pay rise

    Sgt £7 per day pay rise

    SSgt 30pence pay rise and entering a higher tax band (now £3 pount cause I've gone back to high pay band, after 10 weeks of tuition compared to 2 weeks for my other ranks). Je ne comprende pas
  6. HDT this has also set some alarm bells in my head - can anyone remember what date incremental pay was brought in fro TA officers and therefore how many years we should be up by if we were already substantive at that time?
  7. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    I have lev 4 on my Nov 05 statement (would have increased in Feb 06) and I'd been in that rank for more than 10 years....

    So by that reckoning 4 years.
  8. 2001 sounds about right to me
  9. Fcuking b'stards, fcuking Glasgow, fcuking AGC SPS, fcuking pay clerks, fcuking RAO, fcuking arrseing fcuking b'astards the lot of em.

    Pardon my little outburst - you may realise that I am owed a certain amount of cash by this man's army - oh well, on the phone tomorrow then eh?
  10. Does the same thing happen for ORs?

    No, I havent got a payslip with me to check!
  11. yes but OR's should also get increments when they go up a trade class, there is also the question of higher or lower band.

    If you are in any doubt about this then you have not been briefed properly during basic trg or during the changeover if you're one of the old and bold.

    The best advice is take your next payslip to your tp management next time it comes in and get your troopy to explain it to you as there are different rules for different corps.

    If (as Polar aluded to above) your troopy isn't able to explain it then you need to be raising this (as diplomatically as possible) within the higher echelons of the Sqn as there is no excuse for an officer not understanding this stuff, it's what we get paid the big bucks for...
  12. I happy to answer any RSigs OR's question, be warned it varies (inc promotion) between 2 (NC) Sig Bde and 12 Sig Grp. Not being funny you'll be paid more in 2 (NC) Sig Bde. For operators/techs its low pay band for Siggies, High for LCpls->Sgts, low for RD SSgts and back to High for WO2 - so a RD SSgt doesn't want to remain one for long as WO2 is a big pay rise.

    Yes we get yearly increments, mine got reset from Oct back to June on promotion (wiped out a pay rise I was due), my next one is now June.

    As a SSgt I can only go up a few more levels as the top end of the range is reserved for WO2, if I was a Flight Sgt in the RAAuxF I would have far more levels (F/Sgt is equivalent to SSgt & WO2).
  13. Thanks for that. If you had read my post you might have been able to keep some of the unpleasantness to yourself but never mind, sufice it to say I was on FTRS with Regular soldiers for most of the time since Pay 2000 came in for the TA in 2002, so the TA version did not apply for most of the time. The structure of "Increments" I well understand but thanks for taking the time to write out that nice table.
  14. I cant wait to try this one on...

    Ah well, he reads arrse so hopefully by the time I get to ask him he will have found out chapter and verse! :D